We’ve previously been to Signorelli Gastronomia before for dinner (It was an excellent good food month Northern Italian Desgustation with way too much wine). Today, we check back in for the start of the Signorelli Gastronomia Patisserie Classes with Celeb Chef Vincent Gadan. We’re making Macarons and this was a three and a half hour class (meant to be three) with vino and canapes to start. At $139/head – looking back at it and what we walked away with – a huge ball of macarons (30+) and another filled with the macaron shells we actually made (60) – incredible value for a fun and educational night out. We gotta say – Macarons aren’t as tricky to make as you’d think.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-3

This is the aspirational Macaron ball showpiece that Vincent made prior to the class.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-2

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-4

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-5

3 things. Macaron shells – eggwhites, almond meal, sugar makes out the basis of the macaron and the process is surprisingly easy.The Only thing we sorta struggle with was the piping bag but that’s more of a practice/familiarity thing.

Eggwhites (60g) folded with almond meal to form a paste, meringue (with sugar syrup poured and beaten in) folded in gently and integrated into almond mixture, pipped onto silicon sheet and allowed to dry/form a skin. Without the class, the simplicity of the process would not have been convincing.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-1

Nicely presented Recipe booklets – on this side we have the sugar+syrup to be booked, thermometer, egg whites, and almond/meal/sugar all prepped. This will net you 60 shells.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-10

Vincent had these amazing aroma concentrates and they go into the meringue filling and quite astounding. Apparently so pedigree they do not have to export and these are only available from France.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-6

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-8

Adding colour and forming our base paste that we’ll add the meringue to (You’re looking at eggs+almond meal+sugar)

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-9

Cooking the sugar to 120 degrees celsius. We’re skipping a few steps but we pipped the macaron mixture onto large baking trays with silicone sheets and proceeded to the second part of the class with beautifully made shells prepared earlier. Image of baked macaron at the end.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-11

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-7

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-12

We also made meringue fillings (gelatine sheets + eggwhite + aromas concentrate + sugar syrup at 140 degrees) and these were used as the fillings in our macarons. Again, the process was fairly simple. These amazing looking macaron shells looked great and had been painted with gold/silver dust.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-13

Macaron ball session underway.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-14

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-15

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-18

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-17

Along the way, there was an instructional on how to make spun sugar and our macaron showcases were all put together. Noha from @mattersofthebelly putting on a rather large spun sugar nest around her macaron ball. And everyone can’t help but pull out their phones for that bit of social media love.

Patisserie Class_ Macaron_Signorelli Gastronomica-16

To illustrate that the class did work – these are our Macaron shells – They’re pretty great. And also all gone.

This is the first of the eight scheduled Dessert Classes with Vincent Gadan and we had a great time here as the class was quite frankly a hoot and we were impressed by the ease in which you could make these. The cooking class was well structured being informative, with a great instruction booklet to take away and plenty of hands on time. Seeing Vincent in the flesh after watching him on Masterchef was also a bit of a thing for us. That said, Vincent did emphaise that success of Macarons is familiarity with your ovens and that getting accustomed to yours is probably one of the biggest factor with regards to success. We reckon this was incredible value. The classes to come include souffles, croquembouches, churrros, petit fours, chocolate, gluten free and more. To find out more http://signorelli.com.au/whats-on-signorelli-gastronomia-restaurant/

Signorelli is also going to have this signature Valentine’s Day Dessert by Vincent. wild strawberry mousse on gluten free almond milk sponge, rose blossom jam and subtle liquorice crumble. Available lunch and dinner from February 11-15. This is available as dessert for 2 with 2 glasses of brachetto.

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    • TheJugernaut

      Vincent said you can only buy these from France. They’re so premium there’s no need to export. A trip to France is in order Dee.