Ummm, like what is this? This odd little shop/kiosk thing along illawara road. We walked past it and dug out the phone and checked my googlelocal and see friend Oni raving about it. Out comes the happy snaps and we pop in to order a pork roll. Older vietnamese lady was present so everyone in the shop was chatting in vietnamese. Dude taking order; speaking perfect aussie english. This hole in the wall joint is the legendary Marrick Pork Roll. Super cheap, rather good!

Marrickville Pork Rolls (3) Marrickville Pork Rolls (2)

We ordered the pork roll with the lot and got a monster roll that cost $4 (SUPERCHEAP EATS) and it was pretty good to eat. The bread was supercrunchy, the filling was generous and if you look at the top slider, all the ingredients are super fresh. They have such high turnover that the ingredients can’t be anything but fresh. It was fresh tasting, had coriander, chilli, carrots and juicy pork and a sweetish sauce. Scarily, our first ever vietnamese pork roll. Its pretty good eh. Its a meal in itself that 1 pork roll. Great value. The best really.

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