Yup. Another blog post for what looks to be the most blogged about resto in sydney. Its a good one this mamaks.

Located on goulburn with a often-enough-queue is probably what is sydney cbd’s greatest Malaysian resto. If you fancy a meal with decent levels of spice and piquant flavours, Mamak is a great venue to check out. Pretty much everything on the menu here is great.

Mamak Chinatown (5)
Mamak Chinatown (4)
The excellent egg roti with two different curry dips. Another day, another order of the fantastic fish curry. It seriously a go-to dish with how complex and delicious this is.

Mamak Chinatown (2)
Mamak Chinatown (3)
lamb curry. chicken curry.

All curries on the menu are excellent with fairly robust malaysian spice and a good chilli kick. The roti is also good, with the ones they serve in a cone being a standout when it shows up at your table. We also ordered the beef satays and its really yummy – the beef is tender and the peanut sauce is great. Eating the red onions? Be sure to go get some strong mints after.

The thing about Mamak’s is that almost everything on the menu is a flavourful feed. Sick of thai, sandwiches, sushi? Head to Mamak. From the excellent rotis to the generous serves of the curries that can easily feed 2 (with rice), Mamak is good value. Couple to that speedy service, friendly enough staff (for chinatown standards) and a roti making show while you queue. The price points also on the right side of affordable. Well worth heading over for after cinema dining if you’re hitting eventcinemas on george street.

Queues? There’s a reason why there is one. Go ahead and do it. This is well worth it

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  1. Priscilla @ foodpornnation.com

    I love love love Mamak. Great food at great prices. Dirt cheap really…
    Just hate that queue but it is avoidable if you’re up for a quick meal.
    I’ve always wondered if the beef satay was good, but I just can’t seem to go past chicken satay!