Best Laksa in Sydney? Probably. This is a long overdue blog post, I have been on numerous occassions and photographed it but for some reason pics seem to go MIA. so here we go. Best laksa and they sell other malaysian dishes too (but I haven’t tried anything else). When the laksa is this good…

malaychinese-2These people are in the know and this place is alwasy, always like this. Packed and that guy at the right is in the queue. There’s always a queue here. That’s how loved MC is. Also note the ridiculous bibs some people are wearing. You can buy them for about 20 cents if you aren’t confident about eating the laksa without staining your shirts. Cute. The venue isn’t flash.malaychinese-5

Largish bowl of Malay Chinese Laksa. Its a bit of a challenge to get to the bottom of the bowl. Everytime I post about MC on instagram, people comment that they can never finish a bowl.

malaychinese-4Generous serve of skinless chicken and tofu in there. Its yummy good.malaychinese-3
skinless chicken laksa. with their chilli.

Malay Chinese is located at 58 hunter street and its not the fanciest looking restaurant – lee’s malaysian nearer george street looks a bit nicer with regards to decor but the laksas here are flavoursome and quite easily the best in Sydney. Generous serves, slurpingly good soup and good king prawn (that’s our go to) and tender succulent chicken. Malay Chinese really can’t be beat. I do hoof it from the office here.

sidenote: My last visit at MalayChinese, I witnessed the worst queue cutting. Guys found a table and instead of queuing, they went to the front of pickup counter and pushed their way in and ordered. Don’t do that.

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3 Responses

  1. Karl

    Syney has some great Malaysian food but this is one I have never been to. How spicy out of 10 would you say the curry is? I like a bit of spice :)

    • TheJugernaut

      Hello Karl, I don’t think Laksas are meant to be too spicy. Its got a decent spice level, I’d say a 6? You can opt to add chilli to your Laksa if you want more.