MakMak opened on south kingsteet Newtown and its an unassuming shop where you can buy some tremendously good macarons. The retail store is open at 601 King St Newtown.


Singular counter, bits of decor around it and lots of botanicals/greens – the new range is “botanicals” and there’s a printed poster on the wall. There’s already a queue.


I dropped in round 2 pm and it seems like it was selling out. The strawberry, vincotto and pink peppercorn is quite pretty with the artwork on top.


Box of 5. Pretty as.


Rose water and rhubarb, strawberry, vincotto and pink peppercorn



So here’s a glance at the flavours of macaron available from Makmak. There’s a Gin & Tonic one. Mother’s Ruin.
Excellent Macarons. Perfection shells and fantastic flavours. These won the timeout tastetest to become Australia’s best macarons. Well worth seeking out.

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3 Responses

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    I haven’t been to the shop front as yet, but have tasted their macarons through some of the shops to which they are the suppliers. I have to say they’re pretty much up there in terms of what Sydney has to offer. Very, very impressed.

  2. TheJugernaut

    purdy and purdy good! ;) Apparently Sweet Infinity at Strand carries Makmak so if they do a groupon, you’ll be getting a killer deal. They’re $3 each at the shop