[Invite] Located just a hop skip away from Kings Cross Station is Mafi Mitlo – an incredibly funky Kazbah Street Food (think kebabs/falafel/dips) and we really enjoyed this. The fitout is appealing and funky with an overly OTT stylish and bunker styled venue with great art (big mural there by our buddy Alex Lehours)

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A look around the venue. It’s sorta of pop kitsch and appealingly so. One thing we noted was how you can actually wander from here across to Kazbah which adjoins. One thing you’ll note in the pics is that Stone Shisha; which you order – Its a tobacco free option (flavours a range of fruity ones) $35.

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A selection of drinks and yes, they’re licensed also.

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Flatlay- grown men standing on chairs

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Dip Plates $17.90, Falafel 9.90, Kibbeh (lamb and wheat balls) and Sambousek (Flaky Pastry with Mince Beef and Pinenuts) $2.20 each or 4 for $8

We really quite liked the dip plate – and it came with all 3 of their dips – hummus, tzatziki and their toum – We dined with Khalil from Foodporn and even he was surprised

“they didn’t skimp on the garlic”.

Very punchy, all 3 dips were really tasty and that was a large serve. Falafel, Kibbeh, Sambousek were all well made, tasty and again – rather affordable. We quite liked how you can opt for the one item for $2.20

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Shawarma – Here at Mafi Mitlo – you pick 1) Filling (your standard meat options + fish and falafel) and then there’s a variety of sauces and then opt between Lebanese Bread or Pita. $8.90. which is on the affordable side of these. Come to think of it, our local yeeros place (Mr Yeeros/Newtown) charges $9 bucks. This? A great value cheap eat. You always gotta keep in mind that these are the Kazbah people behind the food at Mafi Mitlo and its no slouch.

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Desserts – Baklava Ice Cream Sandwich $4.90, Awamat (Lebanese Donuts with Rose Petal Syrup) $6.90 and Risogalo (Greek Style Rice Pudding with Cinnamon Sugar) $6.90

We’re not quite sure why that baklava icecream is under $5 but there you go. The desserts were all delicious and incredibly cheap. Standout for us was the baklava icecream sandwich – its a hefty serve also so good for sharing – very sweet as these tend to be but really yummy. Awamat’s were crunchy swimming in a sea of pink not overly sweet sytup. Risogalo, nice with good tang from the Greek yogurt?

We liked Mafi. It’s great looking with really rather affordable eats – looking at the menu as we look back at the experience – an easy recommend if you’re looking for Lebanaese Street Food in the area. We’d be back for plenty on their menu. They have a combo meal set called the Mafi Combo $45 bucks and there’s a lot of food there for 2 adults and 2 child. In a nutshell, its worth your time

Mafi Mitlo
15 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, Sydney
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