This is part of a series of restaurants/shops that we went to as part of the foodies/poweruser group as invited by Google Sydney. Mado Cafe, Menzil Bakery, Buket Bakery, Gima super market, Auburn Halal Meats, Real Turkish Delight HQ and Persian Vatan Restaurant. (links will be update to this paragraph as they come up). The trip was organised and run by Gourmet Safaris.

Mado Cafe is the starting and ending point, with a lesson in Turkish cuisine/coffee and food traditions. It was quite fascinating to say the least as it is unfamiliar outside of what we normally get to eat. While I’ve been watching food Safari with Maeve O’Meara for the last couple of years, and I’ve occasionally seen her along king street in Newtown, this was the first real chance to see her in action as a food guru ; she dropped in for a quick intro to the gourmet Safari and introduced our tourguides. We were part of a larger group of about 40 who had signed up for the safari.


Maeve with mother and daughter team of Hulya and Serpa at Mado. Warm, effusive, funny.


A quick look at the fitout


dried fruits, rosewater jam. The latter is like turkish delighty.


Serpa explaining Turkish Coffee and the traditions behind marriage proposals in Turkish Traditions. The male suitor would come over with his extended family to ask for the hand in marriage; which on the female side, they will have to make a killer turkish coffee that will win the family over. Apparently seers in every turkish family can read the coffee grounds and see “great careers, and handsome men in the future”. amusing anecdotes. Our guides for the arvo were great.


Turkish Coffee (Bushell’s brand is the preferred choice) as presented. In a shiny gold rim cup and gold carrier. I came a tad late, missed the whole coffee ordering thing at the start and was probably the only person there who didn’t have a turkish coffee or turkish tea. I had a cappucino. :(


After this part of the morning we visited the various locales around AUBURN returning later for a Turkish Feast.

beetroot, carrot, hummus, tzatziki, egg plant and Baba Ghanoush dips with a couscous salad.

pomegranate molasses, cucumber, tomatoes, walnuts,onion sald. very fresh

REAL turkish bread (its different from the stuff you get at the supermarkets). This is meant to go with the dips

rice pilaf with pinenuts. Creamy and soft. Quite nice.

Stuffed eggplant dish. Tender eggplant, well seasoned with traditional turkish flavours. Big fan of eggplant so this hit home.

Koftes. Crushed Bulgarwheat  with meat filling. The bulgarwheat shell is quite different from most type of “dough” casings you’ll have with its inherent, flavour.

Turkish Grilled chicken. Sumac is used on it after it was prepared. Unlike Indian/Pakistani cookery, Turkish food prep don’t cook the sumac and instead use it like pepper as cooking sumac makes it bitter. Nicely cooked and tender chicken that went well with the pilaf.


Mulberry dessert with pistachio/turkish pastry side. The gelantinous feel to the gelato and its “inherent stretchiness” came from the root of the orchid Plant. Apparently this is a maeve favourite. Tasted a bit like grapes. It was a generous serve and probably a little too sweet for my palette.

So that turkish feast and food safari day is no joke. A lot of food culiminating with a feast that featured 7 dishes (with bread). Diverse, delicious and different.

As an innerwestie, who hasn’t really ventured outside the suburbs (Surry Hills/Newtown/Glebe/etc) that much, this Gourmet Safari out to Auburn was a great expedition out. There food was different and interesting and the most “duh” amazing thing about this, its a 20 minute train ride if at all from where I am. Plus the suburb was fully walkable and the tour a great loop around an interesting part of sydney. Definitely worth a trip out if you’re not doing the tour and have never experienced it. This really opened my eyes up to going out to see the suburbs of Sydney. Plus Real Turkish Delight was so good.. I’ll be out west again for.
Thanks GoogleSydney for a great day out to Auburn and for the gracious tourguide Hulya for taking us around a wonderful suburb.

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