Located in York Lane, and sort of hidden away is Made In Italy. We’ve been ordering pizzas from MIT in the office for a while now and never figured to head in, til a bar hopping night led me past this (we were at York Lane) and MIT looked kind of neat so we dropped in for a couple of lunches. The funniest thing about the MIT visit is just how busy the laneway was considering where it was. The hour we were there, it was buzzy the whole time.

Its sort of a whole in a wall with the shop front facing into what is basically a laneway/transport thoroughfare. But look at all the people.


So this is what they look like at night. This is when we chanced upon them.
There’s a few tables and seating. But expect limited seating and milk crates with low tolix styled stools
The MIT delivery scooter

The MIT basicola pasta. Creamy and delicious. A good mushroom cream based pasta. You can pick your choice of pasta. MIT-6
Here’s a bolognaise spaghetti dish. Like the one above, quite nice.
Delicious large chicken/shroom pizza easily feeds 2. $18. Loved that it was thin crust and because we got it pipping hot out of the oven, it was just fantastic eating. $9 lunch you guys.

So this will be the first blog review for MIT, Its been open for a while it seems and I guess its hard to know it is where it is. Made in Italy is probably more delivery orientated but I really dug sitting in the laneway and the vaguely ghetto feel of the milk crates, passing trade and bustling laneway action. We came here 3 times and every single occassion, the food has been delicious and affordable. Its not the fanciest and you won’t be taking someone here for a business lunch. Well worth scouting out. Only wishlist is that they served water if you sat down to eat.

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  1. Melissa Loh

    The pasta looks delectable, though it might not be as nice as a delivery option. Gotta love hole in the wall type places. What are the prices like?

    • TheJugernaut

      Hello Melissa, the pastas were about $14 I think. very yummy :)