Luyu & Yum Yum just opened in Newtown. We dropped in day 2 for dinner and this is some next level chinese/dumpling business happening in the hood. Luyu and Yum Yum effectively lifts the Newtown dumpling game and this with their freshly made, fine dining styled eats and handcrafted dumplings. It’s a genuine surprise to walk up the defunct Korean BBQ shop into this fantastically opulent and well put together restaurant. In Newtown, this stretch of kingstreet with its craft beer pubs and marys burgers too. It’s Pitt Street Mall or Haymarket fanciness meets King Street and we mean that in the best possible way.

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (1)

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (13)

On the street side, you’ll notice that bambo basket installation and their tea and dumpling menu. The colouring/theme is very much yellow and black and their motif is a cute asian master drinking tea.

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (14)Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (11)

Our initial reaction is “Newtown?” because as a local, this is startling. Its like turning the corner and walking into Bladerunner. Just wow. Luyu and Yum Yum looks fantastic with its dimly luxe feel. Its not bound to chinoserie traditions with a fitout that could easily accomodate Mod Australian fine dining. The dumpling station on the far end is a stylish space with their yellow neon used as accents. Its slick and we marveled at that billowing wall of steam coming off the dumpling station just there.

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Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (10)

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Near the street side is this enclosed bit of dining space (which can easily accommodate a birthday party) but this semi private space with the impressive laser cut curved panel wall (its curved too) is a sexy bit of vino indulgence. Its opulent and sexy. You’ll spot some very expensive Hennessy in the middle just there.

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Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (6)


Dumplings Tea and Cocktails at Luyu and Yum Yum

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (19)

This was dinner albeit a late one and you know what, freshly brewed chinese tea that you sip out of tiny tasting cups? Yes.

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (16)Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (17) Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (28)

The dumplings you’ll get at Luyu and Yumyum are not your typical Dumplings along the stretch. This is dumplings right out of Sydney’s A tiered venues with delicious sizable fresh hand made dumplings. Its a great array of some of the best you’ll get in Sydney and miles ahead of just about any of the offerings in Newtown. We get slicken glistening wrapped up in rice dough dumplings that thrill.  Caviar Dumplings (Prawn Carrot, Coriander, Celery), Flying Seafood Dumpling (Scallop, fishball, Prawn, Asparagus and Flying Fish Roe), Luyu’s Herb Dumpling (Prawn and Chives) and Xiao Long Bao XLB all make for a fine dim sum dinner. The XLB have a tiny slice of carrot just underneath that protects it from sticking so you’ll get the tasty soup in each delicate parcel. Price guide for 4 portions  ($10.80-$13.80)Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (5)Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (3)Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (4)

Also on the eats front, a Mini Frisbee $9.80 – which is a ultra thin and crispy shallot and spring onion almost pappadum like crisps. Luyu’s Fried Rice $17.80 is a modern asian Duck, Egg, Asparagus, shallot fried rice with an abundance of mustard seeds mixed through. Caviar King Prawn $14.80 is a trio of Fried King Prawns served up with home made caviar on a tasty tomato relish.

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (18)

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (9)

Luyu and Yum yum also has an array of cocktails and that wine list of course. We went with a vodka+chinese tea cocktail. Tasted refreshingly light but packed a punched. They also had a delicious summer spritzy styled lemon/lime cocktail that went down a treat.

Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (11)Luyu Yum Yum Newtown (20)

With ample seating, a great feel and excellent food. Luyu and Yumyum is now our go-to asian eatery for dumplings and chinese on King Street Newtown. The level of service, polish, food and presentation are all on a level outside of what you’d expect for asian in Newtown and we’ve impressed. Upping the game right here right now.

Luyu and Yumyum.
196 King St Newtown, NSW 2042
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