Luxe Bakery is a skip and hop away from home. Its a biggish warehouse cafe with a rather fantastic space and adjoins the fantastic al aseel.

There is 2 large community styled dining tables where you sit with fellow diners and the venue is almost always packed.

Very good looking pastries. can get dry as the day goes on so get them earlier during the day. I’ve had a dryish piece of orange muffin cake (as have some other reviewers on US – stale). Wasn’t so good. With Black Star Pastry just a short walk away; I find it hard to get pastries from here myself

main/special – the tijuana pulled pork was quite good
great service when ordering. Waitress was super enthusiastic.

mate had the scrambled egg breakfast and the serving seemed a bit meager – 2 eggs, some sad looking rocket and a slice of bread. He made the observation that it presented poorly and I chuckled

the burger had a chunk of lettuce sliced up and gooped over with sauce; Not sure if thats the best way to present it.



good coffee but campos next door has them beat. To be frank, I think Cafe Newtown/Corelli’s all do better brunches if you can be removed from the sweets.


Update 28/10/12 : This was funnily enough the 1st review I posted on That said, this past weekend I went to Luxe Bakery for brunch and while the coffee was decent enough… I ordered the burger and the tremendously, chippy and great waitress took the order. This was the exchange – not that it matters too much:

“there might be a bit of a wait on the burger – its freshly cooked and we cook it well so you don’t get salmonella. the burger has the longest wait time on the menu” which struck me as odd – bringing up salmonella before someone ate their meal was just awkward and in poor taste?

Regardless, the burger shows up and it was a bland tasteless overcooked waste of dry beef stuck in a sandwich bun. I don’t know why I put up with it and kind of just sat there and ate it. You know sometimes when you go somewhere and the meal is a dud, and you know it? This was it. Burgers can be medium rare and should be juicy. If you can’t trust the quality of your produce to have to overcook it to that degree, I really didn’t know what to think. Lots of places get it right (grill’d/Cafe Ish/moo/burgerfuel/burgerlicious) so I don’t know how they were able to make it this bad. This is also the 2nd time in 3 weeks where I got served overcooked beef. At the night noodle markets, it was organic beef that was turned into beef pucks (agape foodtruck).

So, Luxe which struck me as overrated to begin with, is now off my places to eat list. I know I have other eateries on King St that I can go to and the meal will be good. Its appealing to look at the venue which is probably why its so popular, but the food isn’t flash.


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