Love on Top is located at the Cross – Its a asian dumpling / small bar fused into one venue. We came for their media launch and tasted a bit of the food and Love on Top has a great vibe and what we ate was pretty good. It should be stated that Love on Top is from the same guys who brought you the (sadly now defunct Name this bar) – 3 word bar names. Gluten Free is a big thing here too so GF singles should definitely hit this.


Michael running down Love on Top – you see that the kitchen adjoins the bar. Its curious but it works.


Its a nice venue, smallish inside and rather intimate.


The chef is making the dumplings, fresh and really good.


Rusticated exposed bricks, timber panelling and a press metal ceiling. Its simple and effective looking


Here’s a look a the main part of the LOT interior.


Now that Buns and Balls have moved away, the outdoor space is all LOT and as previously mentioned – its quite nice here, even if its astroturf.


Sydney Brewery – their Pils and Cider.


Bit of a cocktail


Richard from Sydney Brewery recommended a bit of campari with cider and its now a favourite way to drink cider as it does cut down the sugariness and adds an adult touch.


Mushroom dumplings were very nice.


Duck dumplings. In both the glutinous rice skin dumplings, they were very well made and shiny, tacky and whole. Very yummy


Mango dessert with a cherry on top


Malaysian styled pancake (pandan with coconut). – the kulai dada



The LOT menu at a glance. (click to expand)

Love on Top is pretty good and their dumplings – the ones we did taste were all nicely presented and looked great. They were definitely on the better quality end of bar dumplings and we recommend a visit. Food aside, we dug the venue. Its nice, intimate enough for date night or just a bigger night out. It was nice seating at the counter inside, the experience wasn’t fussy and having a few bites and beer here is the definition of a good time.

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  1. Padaek

    Looks like a great place to check out! The food, especially the dumplings look amazing, and the cider and Campari looks very tempting too. Oh, and I have to mention that the mango dessert with a cherry on top looks very very good! :)