Hey its an african eatery on enmore. Been years since we’ve had african with the closing of Kilimanjaro on King street, so we kind of decided to eat here.


A look at them from the street


Look what’s across the road – a) doughbox diner b) the soon to be new place by the porteno boys. Inside, the decor is minimal – orange paint, some portraits


This little note about it being the parent to Kilimanjaro is why we ended up eating here.latnoir_2

A look at their menu. One thing to note is that prices on the main – your curry/main has no grains element and you will need to order a side – the couscous and rice are both $2.50 meaning the mains area really about $16. With a side? That’s $22.


tuna (top left), chicken in the pale sauce and the lambĀ  – a side of couscous – all served in wooden bowls. The curries are sort of watery. The chicken and lamb were decent – the way the food is served is ideal for sharing. I would eat both the lamb and the chicken.
Tuna. This was a highly questionable dish – it was smelly and tasted off and the gross fishy flavour/smell pervaded the sauce. One mouthful and I winced. Wasn’t my dish and my mate ate it but its one of those dishes, if you had it – and its yours – you’ll probably ask for you money back. Didn’t want to eat it. I’ve read on the urbanspoon review page that a diner had a huge argument about them serving mackeral instead of tuna (when confronted) – and not making the disclaimer that they’ve swapped the protein out and that could possibly be the reason for it. Either way, that dish was unpleasant.


egg plant and flatbread. Sauce seems to be the same as the one for the parcel below.


cucumber salad and some yogurt. sounded more promising on the menu – ‘quite cooling! sliced cucumber, with tomato, mint, saffron, salt, olive oil and yogurt’. Didn’t taste like much – no presence of saffron or mint on the palate.


Fataya. with Chicken. $6. Not sure if its worth $6. As mentioned, same sauce?

Would say that eating at Lat Dior was okay. The service was … servicable. They took our order and didn’t bring the water we had asked for even though it was not busy when we visited. If we hadn’t ordered the tuna dish, probably would have walked out of Lat Dior thinking that it was nice to be able to come here again and that they survived Kilimanjaro’s closure. Food was okay but not good/great and I think at $22, you’d expect more. The tuna dish and its gross sauce – well don’t risk that and order the other things on the menu.

As an odd aside, the total tab was $66 and they somehow manage to charge it to my card without me signing for it or putting in the pin. When I stood there and they came back with the receipt I did make the mental note: I’m not sure what’s going on there. Now that I think about it… so the passwave thing words for orders under $100? Shouldn’t they at least ask?

YMMV. people seem to like it. We won’t be headed back anytime soon. If your experience is different/better – comment. :)
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    • TheJugernaut

      ah yeah, I named it wrong originally, edited but left it wrong. Ah well, if I change the name now, it’ll break Facebook + twitter links so it’ll just have to be Lat-Dior. etc. (actually if you google it) it shows up so I’m happy to leave it unchanged.

    • TheJugernaut

      Hi Alison, very late reply but they can’t touch the facade. Its heritage listed. :)

  1. Gaby

    Hmmm… I was considering going there for dinner tomorrow… I think I won’t.

    • TheJugernaut

      Hi Gaby, our dish was alright as stated and their US score was good but that fish dish was Funnnkky.