Like Slipinn before it, La Lupita in the city has gone mexican , it is now home to the simple taco fare from the Al Carbón Food Truck. (which incidentally I still haven’t tried).


The Basement kinda looks the same still (head down the stairs to the left to get to La Lupita)


Beastman Art


Ordering sheet. I didn’t order ( but I was like what do we do with this piece of paper?) so…  we were like um, okay?  There wasn’t a pencil to tick it off – so you go to the counter to order.. You apparently have to go like La Lupita on facebook or twitter to unlock the $6 dessert, but we couldn’t be bothered. Seemed stupid. You know, what if we didn’t have our phones on us or it were flat. We didn’t get dessert but I’m guessing we would have if it didn’t need to be unlocked. Its food. Not a game


Taco base. Chicken $6.


Taco Base, Beef/Pork. $6 each. All Taco shots taken prior to “loading up” with accompainments which you do yourself on a buffet counter of the side.


Tacos. $10 Looking great with the garnish


Rather good chicken wings. $10 Nice spice level with blackened bits full of flavour. For the cost, these also beat the miserable wings at the DIP handily.


Other vego option. Again, its nice that you get to load it up with toppings yourself so it came out looking pretty good. Mates loved it.
The venue sits a lot of people and we got here at movie night – which made the window in which we could eat and talk limited = as the minute Amores Perres stared showing, you kind of had to shut up. Still, the tacos were reasonably priced, tasted good as did the chicken wings.  Table of 5 and the bill came to $66 and we went to a movie after (worldwarzzzzzz) and nobody felt hungry. That’s pretty good. The waitress who assisted us was super nice.  So yeah, happy to head back.

Well worth a look at if you’re craving mexican food near circular quay.

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3 Responses

  1. Simon Food Favourites

    chicken wings were my favourite here. you’re right about the dessert needing to be unlocked on facebook etc. that does sound silly and obviously they’d be missing out on sales for those that can’t be bothered.

  2. Annie @ The Random Foodie

    definitely my fave Mexican restaurant of the whole lot. the tacos here reminded me of the authentic ones I’ve had in LA at the food trucks. should try out the chicken though. looks really delicious!