Knafeh Jerusalem Street Food is well, this baked cheese dessert experience with a rowdy fete/bazaar like feel and that pretty much sums out the Knafeh experience when we visited. Grinning when we spotted the Knafeh container all lit up with the jesus/dove artwork on the one side and the prose on the other. You’ll hear the Knafeh Container mobile before you see it, the music’s a-cranking, there’s hollering and a frenetic frission in the air. All this because the masses have descended (this time to addison road markets/community centre) to eat some baked cheese. We’re grinning. Its fun, and vibrant and the perfect way to spend this somewhat brisk but not Autumn’s evening.

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Knafeh Jerusalem Street Food (3)

There’s fires in oil containers, that signature artwork and the story on the one side. You’ll note the whisk-y like lamps and their bold brand graphics on that back wall. Its an attractive modern fitout in a container. Families are gathered here tonight.

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The Knafeh experience is just that, them boys dance and play this little drum and its got a great vibe. We’ve seem videos of contemporay pop music playing but tonight, its middle easterny tunes. Its entertaining when the groovin’s on. The “bearded sexy men” is a selling card as you’ll see lots of rave comments and fan attention when you see posts on social media. The energy. Check out the video below.

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Knafeh $8 is a cheese dessert but you’d be hard to tell it was. To us, it tasted heaps like a warm set custard with a smooth finish to the dessert. Its a mellow with almost condense-sy milk notes; what we liked was that this wasn’t overtly sugary.

Their week in Marrickville done, Knafeh will be popping out elsewhere. We’re LTTP but if you’ve never been like us prior to this visit – follow them on their instagram to find out where’s next. It’s a must and an essential Sydney food trip.

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