The KB hotel has been relaunched by the guys from Dove and Olive up in Surryhills as a classier more punter friendly craftbeer gastropub. Its got a midwestern aesthetics, 3 mounted taxidermied heads at a count and over 33 beers on tap (30 taps, 3 hand pumps – 3 international beers). And the range of beers here is why you’d make your way to the new Keg and Brew if you’re a craft beer aficinado.

Keg and Brew - SurryHills  (1)
Padded seats, red walls and mounted animal heads.

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Their bar manager is called Wombat, he sports quite the beard there. There’s heaps of brews on tap. Click to check it out the labels, but innerwest’s batch brewing, Manly’s 4 pines and more are representing.

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Round the other side, you have mountain goat, willie (out of tempe), the murray’s beers with mike_watt’s artwork, rocketscience beers from the guys from dennis and co and then parramatta’s own brew.

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A look at their menu. Deep Fried Bacon is crunchy and sinful as it should be.

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There’s deep fried oysters which were delectably moist inside.

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Fried chicken is always enticing.

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Deep Fried Barramundi, they have some killer sweet potato fries here btw.

Keg and Brew - SurryHills  (7)
Aranchini with spicy mayo.

Keg and Brew - SurryHills  (6)
Shortribs with chimmichurri


And dessert was a deep fried twinkie.
The Keg and Brew’s Craftbeer selection, and its impressive 33 beer taps is why you’d head in. You can spend the arvo here and itd be a beery good time and I think you’d be hard pressed to finish all the beers on tap. There’s also a large selection of pub grub designed to soak up the beers and there’s both shared plated styled eats and stand alones like burgers.
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