Juicy Lucy Dining Surry Hills

Housed in the old Sugarcane Surryhills (now relocated to the balmier climes of Coogee Beach) is the new Juicy Lucy Dining Hall in Surry Hills. The bones of the Old Sugarcane is here; They’ve kept the furniture and the space largely remains unchanged but it does take on the colours and thai/vietnamese/asian street colours of Juicy Lucy chickenshop along Elizabeth Street. Sydney based artist Mike Watts also returns to lend his artwork to the space imbuing it with a street art and youthful energy. What can you expect at Juicy Lucy 2.0 as they’ve described this as on instagram? All the eats from Juicy Lucy, Noodles and Snacks from the Sugarcane menu, cocktails and beverages. With the addition of bevvies to the offering, Juicy Lucy is now all grown up and adults can have their beers, wines and burgers all in the one hotspot.


Street Side, they’ve splashed the trademark blue, yellow, red colours of Juicy Lucy on Sugarcane’s facade.



Inside, Mike Watt’s murals on the Sugar Cane walls and the bamboo venetian wall hangings add that asian vibe to the venue.


Juicy Lucy Dining takes you to Malaysia with their CKT. Luscious, silken flat noodles, prawns, lapcheong and fishballs.


Snacks: Roti Bread, Peanut Sauce with mild Malay Curry $11.50


Green Papaya Salad with coconut and lime $10

Sugarcane Restaurant Fans can also rejoice as they’ve kept a few Sugarcane Classics on the menu; The New Juicy Lucy does feature Noodles as they’ve telegraphed streetside. Sugarcane’s excellent pad thai is still here, there’s also CKT, chilled noodle salad and interestingly, a miso chicken bolognese. There’s also salad’s on the menu – green papaya salad is crunchy, brightly acidic and fresh. Fans of Sugarcane’s crispy AF roti can also rejoice as that makes the Snacks Menu here.




Juicy Lucy Dining’s Juicy Lucy Juicy Lucy – a Chicken burger with cheese in the crispy breast fillet

All the Juicy Lucy burgering you’ve done in the past Sydney, you can also enjoy at Juicy Lucy Dining. Burgers, tenders, chips. Juicy Lucy has made it to numerous Top Chicken Joints list since inception and we gotta say, having been indulging via delivery options – a freshly made one on premise with its incredible crunchiness can’t be beat. You can see more of what Juicy Lucy offers here. We were struck at how crispy the coating was; upon enquiry, this is double fried.


Lychee Froze $12 Rose, Lychee Liquer, Chambord, Lychee


Tiger Woods Slushie: Suntory Whisky, Kahlua, Thai coffee Syrup, condensed Milk $12

A duo of funtime slushies that we rather enjoyed with our meal. As the weather heats up, these fun numbers make for easy drinking. The Tiger Woods slushie is a black/white number that’s a play on a black russian and references the golfers’s Thai heritage. Also on their drinks menu, an array of beers and vino.


click to enlarge their menu

Already winning plenty of accolades for their burgers and rotisserie chicken (timeout’s best chicken list and up for best cheap eats in the forthcoming 2016 Timeout Food Awards), Juicy Lucy Chicken is already on our best burgers of Sydney list and now with this new dining space, presents diners with the option to go East while taking on board some drinks, noodles and more the the juicy lucy experience in a casual dining experience. Well priced, great eats.

Juicy Lucy Dining

40a Reservoir Street, Surry Hills