Located up in Crows Nest is Johnny Lobster. We head up here one Monday night for a bit of foodcrawl; hitting Ryos after this. What to expect? Well, Monday they do all you can eat chicken, $5 drinks and then there’s the seafood centric menu. The Johnny Lobster Website announces that their a modern Australian Fish and Chip shop. We came here for the Lobster Rolls and then some.
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Johnny Lobster is simply finished with a modern bistro/diner look with the white tiled walls being a feature. It’s busy tonight with queues out the door and people popping in for takeaway. They’re obviously doing something right and the buzz is lively and appealing.

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All you can eat fried chicken. $25? That’s some seriously good value there.

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$5 tinnies from Young Henrys and a Corona. Licensed goodness

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A duo of rolls – the left is a their prawn roll and the right their rather signature Lobster Roll – there’s a whole lobster tail in that one.

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$14.80 Prawn Roll – It’s a fried New Orleans styled prawn roll with peach and corn salsa – we quite liked this.¬† The roll was crispy on the sides making us think they grilled it (fried?) but quite a nice treat with 4 large prawns in there. Very tasty.

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$20 Lobster Roll – with evident substantial chunks of lobster in this – the Johnny Lobster Roll uses Canadian Lobster and there’s a whole tail in there as we were informed. The use of what tasted like a potato salad in this made it a light refreshing eat. Really enjoyed this also with a fair amount of lobster in this. Unlike the other ones we had in Sydney at Burger Lobster Liqour which were deep fried nuggets – with Johnny Lobsters you can really see and taste the Lobster here.

From their Grill¬† – we went with the lobster classic $32. Two tails there – garlic, butter, parsley, fennel and potato salad. There’s a mirror of the salad in the roll but the little pot of dipping butter made this. Pulling the lobster chunks outta the shell and dipping it into the butter made this rather indulgent.

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There’s a few sides on the menu. We knew we’d be eating elsewhere so the Mac and Cheese was the go. House made, Gruyere and cheddar. (Small – $5.50). Its decent enough but missing that bit of mac and cheese crispyness that we did expect/want. Maybe we got a scoop from the middle and not near the crispy edges of the tray. Still. tasty and went well with the rolls.

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As mentioned earlier, they had queues out the door with nary an empty seat and guys popping in for takeaway. With rolls, conventional chip shop classics like fish and chips, fried chicken bits, calamari and even vegetarian options like a falafel roll on the menu (there’s also lamb) – Johnny Lobster was a solid dinner option with plenty to offer.

Johnny Lobster
48 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW

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