Barbecue. Sydney. It’s been steadily taking off over the last couple of years as the appreciation for this very American eat develops. We’ve somehow managed to miss coming to Jazz City BBQ what with the allure of the new and flashy. Well, this was a curio; where Jazz City BQQ sits should actually make it more of a local jaunt and now that we’ve discovered Jazz City BBQ, we’re gonna be popping in more. Housed at the back of Surry Hills near the police station – you can wander down from oxford street in under a minute. It’s sort of hidden in plain sight! Jazz City also from our experience has much better than food than the other hipster barbecue joint in the area and makes their food just appear “less”. We know where we’ll be spending our money.

This is terrific eating with some of the best BBQ you’ll get in Sydney. And really affordable too. At Jazz City, the barbecue is Texas style and cooks through the day and finishes round 6pm. Want to experience it best? Get in asap around that time.

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Jazz City has that distinctive American Diner look and feel. There’s a island and the barbecue section sits tucked away round the corner.

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Once seated? All the sauces arrive. A great range of tasty sauces from Spicy Chipotle to a chocolatey velvet Espresso Sauce. Fun to mix and match with the meats.

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Incredibly good. JCD’s Chili Cheese Fries is great.

Sitting on a mound of crispy crinkle cut fries is Jazz City Diner’s delicious chili cheese combo. A real win at $10.

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Beef short Ribs are a must

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Brisket and Pork Ribs ($8/100grams)

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Everything on the BBQ Menu (somehow we forgot the sausages). From Beef Short ribs, pork ribs, brisket to pulled pork – the first distinctive impression is that this all looks really great. Once you get going chowing into the eats; you’ll note a richness and tenderness to the Texan styled barbecue here and the wide range of sauces provided makes this a real treat. Brisket and Beef Short Ribs were essential eats here and so densely delicious you’d wonder why you haven’t indulged more before. We did find the pork ribs a little on the dry side so order measuringly. Pulled Pork was #sojuicy. The trio of sides here; Cornbread that came in a tiny cast iron skillet, coleslaw and their mac and cheese all great complements to the barbecue.

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Dan McGuirt’s milkshakes. Strawberry and Chocolate.

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Banana Cream Pie $10

We loved this. Such a terrific dinner and we haven’t even broached the diner side menu with burgers and waffles with fried chicken.  Rolled out of here – Spend? Under $50/head. Jazz City Diner is Surry Hills Americana Royalty.

Jazz City BBQ
200 Goulburn St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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