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Jangling Jacks is Potts Point’s Newest Bar. Him : An animated skeleton wielding his stick beckoning you inwards into the New Orleanesque speakeasy that is Jangling Jacks. The venue is a mix sexy dark timber (spotted gums bar) and emerald green accents; from the walls to the lambshades and booth coverings. There’s plenty of attention to detail and care put into making the venue the showcase it is. Out front, there’s a large front bar for them bar flies, comfy boothes adorned in green leathers, and the lighting is just right – evocatively low, effusive and warm. It’s the sort of bar we like. It’s shades of Browns, greens  and dark oaks. Also here, a robust food menu.

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The Jangling Jacks cocktail menu is a short one; about 10 on their page with a comprehensive wine/beer list after. We get into their Kiki’s HummingBird, Mary Pickford, Bobby Burns and their Trinidad Sour and its a selection that throws us between their JJ cocktails and their more classic cocktails.

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Jangling Jacks eats: From their food menu comes the smalls: a really rather nice crispy fried chicken with slaw dish that came with really nice slaw but it was the dressing that made it; that saltiness from the butter and sweetness of the honey made for a rather delicious bite. Their lamb dish made for a solid main although we could have used some more char on this but otherwise it was pretty good. Desserts: the JJ donuts with pineapple relish (the form factor did surprise us) was squarish chunks of doughnut served up with a dipping pot. Finally, the rather winning icecream bowl where we’re informed the kitchen throws whatever is available into it on the day.

Jangling Jacks is a good time bar with great drinks, vibes and eats. Well worth your time; we loved the attentive table service. It’s what elevates the JJ experience and makes for a great time.

Jangling Jacks
175 Victoria St, Potts Point NSW 2011

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