The Cotton Thief is a small bar situated along military road up in Cremorne. It self describes as a convinct small bar and its intimate one with a great craft beer selection and nice wine selection. They also make pizzas and a bit of a varied fun cheap eat at $5 eats to draw you in (Check out their instagram for the scoop) Dave Brown and Luke Langton are running a pozible campaign for Isos Vodka – an organic, australian vodka you can drink neat (at room temp at that).


Street side, The cotton thief.


Inside, you have suspended ladders, hanging lamps, nice intimate lighting and them ubiqutous tolix chairs.


Note: Pizzas a big deal here at the Cotton Thief. Gotta love that the “diagram” is actual sized.


ISOS Vodka is made from 100% organic Australian wheat, sourced from the New England region of NSW. It is distilled nine times, filtered 5 times and uses rainwater collected onsite at the distillery to produce a remarkably pure spirit.

So here’s Isos Vodka in its 700ml bottle. As mentioned. Drank neat, room temp – so what’s organic vodka like? It was not harsh as some can be, vanilla notes and tasted pretty good.


Here’s Isos Vodka served with ice and a wedge of lime. Character notes change with the addition of lime.

Mr Black x West Wind Gin.


A Rum Rebellion being made. Rebellion Bay Spiced Rum, butterscotch schnapps, pineapple juice & passionfruit.

To find out more about Isos vodka, check out their pozible page and also watch the neat video above. There’s 27 hours to go – it all finishes 24/04/14 round midday and you can still get a bottle of Isos Vodka for your liquor cabinet. $60 for a bottle of organic aussie vodka? Sold.


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