A while back when Ipoh on York opened, we went in for lunch and it was a sad cave like venue with limited furnishings and kind of looked well, unfinished. A few months in, we’re returned and noted the upgrades they’ve since made to IOY. A mural here, painted wall, nicer logo and a smarter looking front counter? So, What’s this place that purports to dish up “A taste of Malaysia” like? As it turns out, very efficient, food’s really nice and quite noisy. And yup, that’s the queue for food going up the stairs that leads down to Ipoh on York.


Plenty of seating here, there’s also a rather sizable nook round the corner at the right. The mural and wall colour came later. I don’t think a fake potted plant or 2 to add some green would go amiss. The venue however can be really cacophonous when its packed – could hardly hear our conversations when last here – so a couple of acoustic panels fixed to the ceiling to ameliorate the problem would go a long way.


Food counter, its very efficient and the mains are about $11ish. The counter has been upgraded too with great looking signage.


This place gets slammed at lunch


Ipoh Desserts and iced drinks. They’re about $4.50 but you can get a drink with your meal at a reduced price (like $2?)


They ‘re open saturdays and do specials also.


Their Chicken Laksa is nice and hearty and the tray has a non slip mat.


Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. The chicken like the Roti below isn’t cooked to order so its a little on the dry side but the rest of the dish is good. Next time, we’d order it with the curries/rendang instead. $10.90


Rotis and Chicken curry. Its not freshly made ala Mamak but still quite delicious. This was $9.90


CKT. Quite good, IOY’s version uses thin rice noodles and is quite a nice eat with chilli and comes in a cute mini wok.


The aforementioned drinks. I had the milo which was surprising nice. It being really icy makes it.

Ipoh on York is conviently located on York street and the selection of foods here is quite nice across the board. We’ve eaten here extensively as its close and its a quick tasty eat. There’s a few options for foodhall Malaysian in the city and Ipoh and York has quickly risen in the ranks as a favourite as it ticks the right boxes for expediency, range and quality. Recommended.

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