Hot Star. Large Fried Chicken. Something about that name. Okay. Lets eat some. Hot Star Large Fried Stuff. #eatallthefriedstuff lunch. Today, the three of us, Simon of Simon Food Favourites, Tony Hollinghurst and I are on a mission. We’re going to conquer the menu of this Taiwanese fried food chain.

Um, okay.  No preservatives and artificial flavours. So this is healthy? ;)

Cheap and Large. The menu.

Spice levels of HOT STAR large fried chicken

Frying up some HOT STAR large fried chicken. Hey its fried chicken.

Simon showcasing just how big it is. Its so big that the paper bag can’t contain it and its about as big as your head.

Tony has a go at hand modelling the HOT STAR large fried chicken.


Clockwise from the top. HOT STAR large fried chicken, curly fries, Chicken nibbles (there was slivers of greens there for some reason), sweet potato fries, and fried mushrooms.: Chicken is big and succulent. We had it medium and it didn’t have much of a heat/kick. Nibbles were tender, sweet potato fries were crispy and had a sugary taste from it coating while the mushrooms were surprisingly good. Its not bad in that just out of the fryer kind of way.

It is kinda good and really cheap. All the things we ate were deep fried and everything you see pictured above is about $27 ish so it was about $9 bucks to partake in this #eatallthefriedthings lunch. An occasional eat, like all fast food and that’s aokay by us. And the other notable thing? Its strictly takeway so we sat on some brick steps in the adjoining courthouse’s courtyard while fending off the seagulls and ate our lunch. Bring a picnic mat.

96 Liverpool Street Sydney CBD.


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