Gotta confess, we were headed elsewhere when we landed at Hinky Dinks. The venue has quite a different vibe from what the website would suggest – with people in it; this kitschy venue has a lively happy vibe and the light levels are brighter than most small bars and feels happy alongside its retrokitsch greatness. Cocktails were nice but what won us over was the friendly banter and service when we got in there. They also won bartender mags award for best selection of food and I got to say, we didn’t eat but they do have a lot of food and what we ate; the donuts were great.

Bar. Yup. Yes.


We didn’t pull them but the clever cabinet things (you can hang your bags on if you sat at the bar).


Retro stools, a kitschy print of a guy holding 2 shots. Famous foodblogger with red hair. This place has it all.


RETRO CUTE! Love the menu. The nibbles here are popcorn laced with paprika. Not bad.


A look at their bar and the kitchen.



Hinky Fizz – Bombay Sapphire, Saint Germain, peach bitters, grapefruit juice over in-house strawberry & prosecco sorbet


Frozen Bourbon Milk Sundae – Buffalo Trace, in-house allspice dram, milk, spices, vanilla bean ice cream: frappe


WILL ORDER AGAIN. Delicious. hot. yummy. Chocolate banana donuts. Quite yummy. nice pillowy soft and sweet


Banana Magarita – Banana infused tequila, banana liqueur, agave syrup, fresh lime, egg whites. Bit peculiar but we liked it.


Cute Pinup.


Hinky Dinks is very naice. Its the “cute retro small bar” with cute drinks and we had quite a nice time in there. Loved the presentation for the 2 drinks we got – the milkshake cocktail and the one served in a gelato cup with sorbet in it. Totally unexpected and this was sunny fun. Even the banana magarita had to be tried because it had attributes of a sour (the eggwhites) but wasn’t. Well worth checking out. Gelato Messina isn’t far off so that’s a major PLUS! As we were prepping this: I read comments that service was appalling and it was anything but. We walked in, were greeted warmly, bar guys chatted breeziliy and everyone around seemed to be loving it. Its great Hinky Dinks.
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4 Responses

  1. Swah

    Oh there’s me! *waves*
    I love Hinky Dinks, definitely one of my favourite bars.

    • TheJugernaut

      Haha. that’s so funny you were there and I wasn’t paying attention. Ran into Mel today on the bus too. Small world! Hinky Dinks is fun!

  2. thecasualfoodblogger

    This place looks great!

    I saw the website too and have been wanting to check it out…your pictures paint it in a much better light than the website, I think!