Hendricks Gin – Kanaracuni Tasting

Hendricks Gin is one of our favourites and its the crisp flavours in the Gin, and its rose cucumber flavouring and purity of taste we adore. David Piper, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador and Master Distiller Lesley Gracie dropped into Sydney with their limited Venezuluan expedition version “Scorpion Tail” “Kanaracuni” Hendricks. We met the duo at the QT and were regaled with tales of bug chomping, encounter with the natives and the wild wild gardens of Venezuela.  They found ‘Scorpion Tail’ otherwise known as Stachytarpheta Cayennesis in the wilds; brought back 8.4 litres of distillate and produced a very rare and limited edition of Kanaracuni Hendricks that also just happens to be “not available at retail”

Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-1
Lesley with David in more civilised surrounds at the QT

After the QT meet, we checked back in at the Palm House in the Botanical Gardens to peculiar eats. It’s all sort of funky and tribal. Whoever catered this dinner must have been quite amused.
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-9
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-11
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-15
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-16
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-10
Crispy Pigs Ears, Frogs Legs (or Quail) we were unsure, an odd fish plate of bones with mackeral (?) sashimi with candied walnuts which looked like brain, tongue fritter which someone said was perhaps banana fritters, and a gigantic platter of chicken heart with hot sauce and raw meat with bones. This is jungle dining made to amuse and challenge. We liked the crispy deep fried ears and mystery legs.

Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-8
Kanaracuni Hendricks Gin is very rare and limited and we can say in Sydney, we’ve had it 3 times. Once at the QT, then here and we might have been given a bottle of the rare liquid. Here, it’s presented in a crisp cocktail. Kanaracuni like the plant has a stronger more potent spice tail than Hendricks – its Hendricks elevated and here its balanced out and delicious.

Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-3
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-2

Palm Hall has been dressed up with all manners of artefacts to engage the select group of bartenders (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide represented). Piper also showed an extremely amusing video of their expedition that brought to life the stories we were told earlier in the afternoon.

Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-6
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-13
A full sized bottle of Kanaracuni Hendricks Gin in our hands. You can feel the frisson of exclusivity in your palm. Due to conditions of terroir and environment, Scorpion Tail extract is not suitable for large scale production and what they produced is a limited range that will run out

Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-12
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-14
Kanaracuni Hendricks is 44% ABV with Scorpion Tail infused into Hendricks and its a spicier, floral version of Hendricks. Smelling Kanaracuni brings in heady plumes of rose and cucumber – it is rather floral and the taste is a punchy spicy hendricks. We also have these in a Martini and served cold. Perfect.

Festivities after
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-28
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-26
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-25
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-24
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-23
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-22
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-21
Aus/NZ Hendricks Ambassador Seb making Martinis

Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-17
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-29
Hendricks Gin - Kanaracuni Tasting-31
The jungle themed Palm hall then played hosts to snakes, giant burrowing cocktails and all manners of bugs and wildlife (That’s them bartenders).   The highlights of this Hendricks Gin – Kanaracuni Tasting really was meeting Lesley and David. Both incredible personalities that extends far beyond their roles with Hendricks Gin. Suffice to say, we enjoyed the peculiar immensely and responsibly.