[Invite] We’ve met the Hem Nine Nine Glebe crew numerous times over the year; from the now defunct Newtown Vietnamese small bar Vui Va Say, to eats from the Mama Linhs Food truck (There’s 2 now – such is their success and expansion) and now a visit to Hem Nine Nine in Glebe. They’ve gone full restaurant now with a brick and Mortar restaurant at 99 Glebe Point Road; Owner Peter told us that his two food trucks necessitated renting a commercial kitchen and “for a couple hundred bucks more”, they now have a restaurant. So Hem Nine Nine on a functional level also serves as prep kitchen for the two Mama Linhs food truck. So what’s here? Tasty Vietnamese food; some classical, some with a slight twist. Peter’s mum is in the kitchen here and the recipes are traditional Vietnamese from her Kitchen.

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Blue Lemonade

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Eats from the Smalls Part of the Menu from Hem’s Nine Nine. Baos (pork and braised beef) – unlike most that we’ve had – these had a piquant savouriness from the pickles which made these punchy and tart, Duck Spring Rolls (on the menu as 6 for $10) which seemed it would have been tremendous value – vermicelli rice paper roll filled with duck, vermicelli and greens. Probably about 2 rolls then. In there. Quite nice with the sauce on the plate. Beef Skewers came satay styled with skewers and cubes of grilled beef cubes. Tender, somewhat smokey and tasty. A thinly sliced. beef tongue dish, soft and silken grilled tongue was a dinner highlight. Squeeze of lime? Perfect.

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Crispy skin chicken. Tender fried chicken thigh fillets that beckoned with crispy chicken skin and tender meat. Black squid ink seafood fried rice is sizable and a good sharing option. It’s quite the looker no? Fat prawns and seafood with a mound of aromatic greens. Both pleasing.

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Hem Nine Nine’s Super Pho. This comes in a 18 hour stock that tasted so good and it curiously made us wonder about a chain pho outlet that is much lauded but disappointingly mediocre. This? Its flavoursome and the super pho comes with “all the trimmings” and is beefed up with 20 grams of collagen in the form of grass fed marrow. Super rich and flavoursome. Biting and slurping your way into a piece of their buttery marrow? Its add that decadence missing from most phos. Well worth the $20 and there’s only 20 bowls available a day. We be hankering for this looking at this.

Glebe Point Road’s starting to come back up to life again and we gotta be honest, we’re surprised how busy burger 10 gets. With Thievery, Flying Fajita Sisters, Alfie and Hattie and now a proper good Vietnamese joint here; there’s plenty of reasons to visit the suburb. Get the Super Pho if its available, beef tongue for the semi-adventurous, its tasty. In short, quality Vietnamese food in Glebe.

Hem Nine Nine

99 Glebe Point Road

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