So, I  organised a birthday lunch a few days prior to getting there. When we got there, there was no booking and they were like “there’s no booking on file”. So we milled around waiting to be seated. Never mind it was a nice table of 16 or so diners. (say $15×15 + beer money). I think we should have been treated better.

Additionally , day prior, their guy had rung me to confirm. And I said yes we are coming. So ….  And apparently their roof/canopy leaks if it pours so we were warned to move after we all sat down. After.


So… the impression to start was bad.

Located next to the aquarium, Helm Bar is on the second floor of a little building under pyrmont bridge.

it tapers to a point


a look at their bar.

bangers and mash

fish with fennel salad and orange segments

bucket of mussells

calamari and chips


chicken schnitzel.

The food is generic pub food and not even a good/cheap one at that – considering the one nearby, pontoon does their meals at about $10. I didn’t try everything we ordered but the 4-5 dishes I tried from the friends around disliked the odd tasting sauce they put on her schnitzel. Most plates just got the same salad thrown on it – onions and bits of cucumber and some salad. Prices also wasn’t moderate or cheap. Its okay to go if you’re not too discerning but if you cross the bridge and head to pyrmont bridge hotel, continue along the wharf and head to cargo or even back up to the city to the shelbourne, go to pontoon, you’ll get a better pub feed. The booking fiasco and rudeness considering what we were bringing – which was a good group of diners, was disappointing.

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