* We were just notified that the Unicorn Hotel has closed. Hashtag will move to Cafe Lounge in SurryHills*

Sydney’s Burger trend is not ebbing and a couple of weeks back we were alerted that there was a new player in town; its #Hashtag Burgers at the Unicorn and all this burgery goodness is cooked by the guys from the NightHawk Diner. Fancy that. Hashtag however is an event based burgers with incoming burgers on the fridays. You gotta check in with their facebook or instagram to find out what’s next. It’s popping up whenever they’re ready with the next burger.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington (7)

Yup, The Unicorn. Home to Whisky Jerx and NightHawk Diner’s permanent landing spot.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington

The first hashtag burger. The Fatty.¬†$15 ¬†Tomato, special sauce, fried onion rings, candied bacon, 50 chuck 50 brisket patties x 02, 3 slices of American cheese and a fried pickle. Now that’s a burger. Barely managed to finish this monster but it really was an epic Jugs vs Food kind of thing happening here.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington (1)

While also there, we had a macaroni and cheese burger which is a crumbed macaroni and cheese patty served up with a mound of fries. Its juicy, cheesy, and the whole things carbs! One for the hot carb lovers.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington (6)

Our second visit back to the Unicorn was to check out the $10 KingPin.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington (8)

The King Pin: Double beef, triple cheese, bacon, smoked pickle and a mayo style sauce. $10? yes. There’s also fries round the back.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington (2)

A much smaller hashtag burger than the first, this is not surprisingly cheaper even and equally as impressive. The smoked pickle was pretty nice to bite into as were the fries. It’s a dude food kind of burger. Freaking great value and there was oodles of that delicious secret sauce.

Hashtag Burger Nighthawk Diner Unicorn Paddington (5)

We rather enjoyed all three of the Hashtag Burgers we ate and the cherry on top has to be the rather amazing fries cooked by the guys at Nighthawk. They’re real potato fries, crispy and delicious; non of that shoe string fries business. To keep track and find out when the next one is happening, Hashtag has a facebook here.

The Unicorn

106 Oxford St Paddington, NSW 2021

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  1. Gaby

    Good to see that the battle for the ultimate burger is keeping prices down.

  2. Gourmet Getaways

    Wow, massive burgers at great prices! That first photo will last us a day or two and not having to eat anything else :)

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx
    P.S. Would love to see you visit our site when you have time ;)