Ozharvest to Open Australia’s first ever pop up cafe Harvested featuring a menu that is created from harvested “food waste”. The public is invited to a free lunch on Opening Day (12th MaY) in exchange for a social media mention via their hashtag #mealforameal. Following this, meals will be $15 up til OzHarvest’s national campaign partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme, Think.Eat.Save, on Monday, 27 July.

Food destined for Sydney’s landfill will be transformed into gourmet, high quality restaurant meals. Ozharvest collects around 340,000 kilograms of surplus food each month from all types of food businesses. It has delivered more than 33 million meals and provided much needed food relief to Australians in need. OzHarvest services more than 680 welfare organisations across Australia via its REAP food rescue program

OzHarvest Harvested Popup Pyrmont  (2)

City West Housing, an affiliated partner organisation donated the empty restaurant space to OzHarvest, under a three month lease. OzHarvest Chef for a Cause, Travis Harvey, who leads Cooking for a Cause, the organisations’ corporate engagement and volunteer program which prepares thousands of meals for those in need each year, will be heading up the rescued food kitchen and was the mastermind behind the concept.

“The idea behind harvested is simple. It takes a challenge that OzHarvest and our food recipients have to face every day… what to do with surplus food that society has rejected because of its appearance, discolouration or slight imperfections? We wanted the public to experience this too, and see how good it can be.”

“We want people to discover by dining at harvested, that there’s nothing wrong with this produce and that high quality, nutritious and wholesome meals can be made from ingredients that would normally be discarded simply by the application of a little imagination and effort.”

OzHarvest Harvested Popup Pyrmont  (3)

Virgin Mobile donates 50 cents to OzHarvest for every #mealforameal campaign hashtag, allowing one meal to be delivered to someone in need. Harvested’s food menu will change week-to-week based on the ingredients rescued. A set price per head of $15 per customer will help OzHarvest feed 30 hungry Australians. OzHarvest volunteers will also donate their time to help with the project.

We pop into #Harvested and here’s a quick look. This is a $15 meal that feeds 30.

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (5)

Will and Steve winners of MKR2015 are here.

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (4)bread and eggplant dip

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (6)

Cracked Bulgar Wheat and Pumpkin

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (7)

A light and delicious zucchini Fritter

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (1)

Roasted veg, brussell sprouts, carrots.

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (2)

Roast lamp on Bulgar Wheat

Harvested OzHarvest Pyrmont (3)

Guests taking photos/instagramming.

Harvested’s food menu will change with whatever gets salvaged and having had the meal, it was delicious, restaurant quality and fantastic – its a great value feed for $15. An absolute must.


56 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW

Opening times: Every Tuesday & Wednesday lunch only from 11.30am – 2.30pm (until end July)

(From Thursday – Saturday evenings and Sunday lunches the pop-up space will be open as Baraka Pop-Up Restaurant, where proceeds will also go to OzHarvest. Find out more at www.barakaoz.com.au)

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