Harry’s Cafe de wheels is a bit of an institution. If there’s any of them you need to hit -its the one at Woolloomooloo and yes, its got to be the pies and gravy and get the god damn soft buns. It’s been here for years for good reason. Its a great cheap eat and you probably won’t visit this enough.


Hot pies, hot dogs, beef rolls and other good eats.


No Trans Fats. Get the lot. The Original Tiger.


Pie, mashed peas and gravy. Its devour me now good.


Hot dog with cheese sauce. Soft buns. Soft buns.


Went for the dog with the lot and a bundie (which you should also get).

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is great. Considering it’s almost touristy trappy, the good thing then about the food here is that for what it it, which is casual cheap eats the food is delicious and we smashed it. Visit if you haven’t been, and visit if you haven’t been in a while. Heaps of memories when we dropped back in. It won’t break your bank and its probably worth it.

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