When Gyradiko opened in Bexley a few months back, there was rumbling of a great authentic and rather delicious Gyro place located in Bexley. We had previously hit the wonderful Jimmy Grants in Melbourne and had been meaning to drop in asap. So a few months down the line and a timeout Best Bang for your award later. We’re here to eat some Gyros. And yes, it delivered.

Gyradiko Bexley (4)
Gyradiko is on the corner store just there. We got there a bit earlier and there wasn’t a queue.

Gyradiko Bexley (5)
The real taste of Greek Gyros.

Gyradiko Bexley (8)
Gyradiko isn’t a fancy joint. It’s your mum and pop kinda Gyro place with bright white Fluoros and bain maries.

Gyradiko Bexley (1)
Toasted Pitas, Abundant Pork shavings and hot chips ready to go.

Gyradiko Bexley (7)
Big mound of tasty hot chips, there’s chicken Gyro there and a pork one.

Gyradiko Bexley (6)
Gyradiko Bexley (3)
Gyradiko Bexley (2)
The Gyradiko Gyros were largeish Souvas which sat on toasted pitas and were filled to the brim with hot meats. Quite terrific and compared to the ones we had at Zeus, these were really delicious with the right amount of seasoning on them and tasted fantastic. We almost didn’t need the chips as the serve was so abundant in the gyros themselves. Really enjoyed eating these Gyros (do think it could have had more greens in it). Not quite Jimmy Grants but this was  really good delicious eats nevertheless


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    • pmad3

      this is a gift to sydney; thinking that interpretations and variations and translations and options and opinions etc etc mauled and tortured and frankestein-ised this poor-thing-australian-food-industry , we have to admit that the originality, graciousness and simplicity of this place’s food is a blessing to all of us, living in sydney.
      this is just how original greek gyros is -and should be all over the world-.
      a big big THANK YOU, kostas!