Yeah, coffee alchemy is now open in the city serving up $4 coffees  at the strand. This is a first look – is it a cafe? No. Gumption sells coffee, beans. and that’s it. No snacks, not much else. You can get beans and various brewing paraphernalia. Look for some elm green table frames with timber tops and that’s where Gumption is located. Designed by Smith and Carmody (them of Brickfields, Cornersmith, Excelsior Jones and the soon (new Blackstart Pastry). Coffee Alchemy also recently won the Sydney Foodbloggers choice award for favourite coffee beating out stalwarts like Campos and Mecca. So there’s something to be said there about pedigree.


Its a very minimal space.


Elm green counter, beans, baristas The space is super minimal. Not sure if I love that shade of green in all honesty.


Buy some beans.


Machiato. Nice flavours. They served it like this and while I enjoyed it, I did wish they brought up a small cup of water or sparkling like Paramount Coffee or even BrewtownNewtown. After I was done, I was in need of some water to sort of clean out the palate a bit. Apparently you do get water if you orrder an espresso but this isn’t that far off in terms of liquid content and it being so hot now in summer. But it was a very nice coffee and I will return for more.
This place maybe needs snacks or something. Maybe the gumption refers to them just being a coffee only joint. Check it out. Now open.




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2 Responses

  1. Lau (Corridor Kitchen)

    Quick of the mark with the review! I have to disagree with you on something though – they don’t need snacks, food, etc. The point of the joint is ‘coffee only’ so personally, I hope it stays that way, however unlikely it may be.

    • TheJugernaut

      Hi Lau, its okay to have choice ;) some biccies and a nice brownie/tart wouldn’t be amiss. :)