Grumpy Donuts #Sogood

So yes, We rarely sort of do post on groceries/delivery things but Grumpy Donuts was incoming and we’d seen post on various friends social media accounts how bloody good these things are but being the skeptics “like just how good can donuts be”. Well, as it turns out they’re f**king delicious. In fact, they’re probably the best donuts that we’ve eaten and we’re already got our order list ready for the next batch (our order and orders for two of our mates)

Grumpy Donuts (3)

A smorgasbord of deliciousness. F**k yes!!! There’s heaps of good flavours – Buttered Toast, Oreo Vanilla Ring, S’more (ehmmahgawd), caramel potato chips (also holy f**king shit). Just delicious

Grumpy Donuts (4)

Maple Bacon Donut – DE MO LISHED. Watching my mate’s eyes go wide open as they ate this was a highlight. It was just like woah.

Grumpy Donuts (1)

Grumpy Donuts – Butter Toast Donut with brown butter frosting and a sweet crumb toasted brioche. Perfect

Morning darling 🍩 Best start to Saturday @grumpydonutsofficial #sweetstarts #donutsalways #sundaystyleloves

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Our mates from @thekawaiikitchen said she’d cut us if we didn’t give her a donut so there you go.

So.. after all the ineffectual gushing of “ehhmahgawdness” and butchering of the english language  – what actually makes the grumpy donuts so damn good? Yes, they are handcrafted by hipsters who delivers these to your frothing mouth – its the perfectly soft and delicate donut dough that just gives as you bite into it – it’s got just a bit more bite than a KK and then the icing; well they’re pretty bangingly tasty. Across the range – there wasn’t a donut you would not want more of. And we’re not even big on donuts.

Easily the best donuts we’ve ever eaten. This is some neklebel shit. Now when are we getting more?

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