To Celebrate 10 years of Green Fairy Absinthe in Australia, Southtrade throws a cocktail tasting and its a dozy. Cocktails with Absinth in them and then a full tasting of the range.  Its an interesting product with a sweeping flavour range that changes as you add water Рgoing from bitter to sweet, spicy, mellow and all with that signature aniseed , licorice  wormwood notes.

Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (1)
Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (4)
We get shown how people used to drink this. We laughed when we read the ingredients in the Earthquake Cocktail. Would you?

Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (6)
Dabel, Green Fairy, Koruna and a Green Fairy Superieur on the far right. ABV in the range as follows: 70%, 60%, 73% and 70%.

The cocktail there is a Green Beast, Green Fairy Original + Superieur, lemonjuice, elderflower cordial, cucumber and lemon. Its made “punch style” and an easy party option.

Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (8)
An Applesinth – GreenFiary, apple juice, fever tree lemonade. Deliciously refereshing.

Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (5)
Spiced Mojito – 45ml Green Fairy Original, mint leaves muddled, 15ml lime juice, sugar syrup and Fever Tree Ginger Beer. Its a different take to the usual Mojito made with white rum.

Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (3)
The Green Fairy Absinth range with an absinth drip just behind them.

Absinthe Green Fairy - 10 Years (2)
Drinking Absinth (L to R) Green Fairy, Darel, Koruna and the Green Fairy Superieur.

The tasting session for these was quite interesting as the Absinthe Range had different flavour profiles that changed as you added chilled water to them. It was also interesting to note how the absinth went cloudy as water was added. The explaination is quite “sciency” and covered in this nice post on “why does absinth go cloudy”

Enter the “ouzo zone” with the GreenFairy Absinth Range.


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