2 years ago, we got the Development approval document for a small bar called Grandma’s at work and I read it and went “what sort of name is that, bomba”. Then it opened. And it won me over. With the proliferation of small bars just about every where now; Grandma’s which sits just 2 minutes from work is still the original go to, fav, bestest place to grab a cocktail for the Jugernaut.

Located along clarence st, Grandmas is an easy stroll from Town Hall station with another blink and you’ll miss it venue. Its underground and the only indicators are: the queue outside at night and the orange Grandma’s logo in the shop front.

As you enter the building, the moosehead + some funky wallpaper greets you and then you in grandmas. The bricks are unfinished, the painting old, there is old styled op shop furniture and the rocking chair has a knitting kit+yarn (not sure if this is still there as I’ve not seen it since). The place is suitably cool with a as prescribed “retrosexual cool”.


The barguys are super friendly. Their cocktail menu is very extensive and I can’t say I’ve had all of them but I am very partial to:

ULTIMATE MAI TAI. You order this, they bring it in a massive tikki mug, light the cinnamon on fire and its a spectacle and a half. Order this. The people next to you will then want it. THE BEST.


Pablo Neuvo. Alcoholic boost juice.

coconut frozen martini drink. Excellent

Pink Peppercorn martini. Not something i like myself but the women seem to love it

Amaretto Sour. I like sours. I love these.

Thing about Grandma’s cocktails – you go elsewhere after you’ve been here and they’re small/sad/notgood. I love it here. If you want to have a tasty night out with some yummo drinks. This is your best bet for a good night.

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