Good bless grain bar and their excellent cocktails, great steadily refilled barsnacks (rice crackers) and their excellent floor staff that will give you the attention you deserve at this “hotel front bar” but don’t let that moniker put you off – It’s fantastic. We drop in for cocktails and had a blast here.


The bar at Grain Bar is a large island – the space is opulent walnuts and its all caringly lit. Its pretty nice. There’s a lot of space here too.


(L) beautiful big hunk of ice and a beautiful cup for their walnut derby drink (R) The Everleigh all cognac, vermouth, amaro and maraschino and super smooth



A fair whack at the drink on their menu – verdict across the board : excellent drinks


(L) The calvinist and another Walnut Derby


Salt Pepper Squid was tender and really nice.


Can’t say how good these were. Their pork belly was fatty and so good.


Nice bit of cheeseburger with a side of shoestrings.

As benefitting a venue like the Four Seasons here – Grain bar located near the tourist hub of The Rocks and Circular Quay stands out for being a rather classy venue with sophisticated cocktails and really great eats. The special attention the wait staff placed on us tonight was the point of distinction here. You’re not jostling with hordes to grab drinks. The venue is understated, premium and we love this bar. Barhopper recommended.


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    • TheJugernaut

      Hey Thang, thanks. Bar is great as was the bar food. Service was A+. Woods is quite hidden which is tricky but I’m sure they get a good clientele from the hotel.