Burger Project’s kicked off a “where’s a really good burger in Sydney” Race here on Jugernauts. Its not that we don’t already know that Chur burger is great or that Bonarche Burgers is criminally underrated. But its the other burger joints that’s on our radar. So does goodtime burger live up to its namesake? Fo sure. Great meaty flavoursome burgers, oozey cheese, nice $6 sides – the fat chips were great.

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (1)
Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (10)
Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (9)
Located in Bondi Junction and under the Eastern (on ground floor) Goodtime burgers is an almost americana diner with colourful splashes of colour and cheeky bylines. They got into some grief a bit back over their advertising (fun between the buns), but its cheeky fun and the venue reflects that.

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (2)
(Clockwise)  Mac and Cheese, Fat Fries, Double Trouble and a Juicy Lucy

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (8)
Juicy Lucy – Wagyu pattie stuffed with Mozzarella & Australian cheddar. Garnished with tomato chutney, coral lettuce, sliced tomato, Spanish onion and aioli.
This was a fat patty and we kind of forgot that it was stuffed with cheese – there’s a shot below that shows the cheese oozing out as we shared the burgers. Incredible.

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (6)
Double Trouble –  Double a Wagyu beef pattie with double Australian cheddar, garnished with coral lettuce, sliced tomato, tomato chutney and aioli.
quite a classic burger. Delicious and the double aussie cheddar (which isn’t that american cheese orange) was bountiful and oozy. Meaty. Great eating double patty which was still medium.

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (4)
Left (double trouble) Right (Juicy Lucy) – you can see the cheese go everywhere. Its incredibly moist. Buns which we thought was hard and big, was actually soft and compacted down nicely.

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (5)
Mac and cheese

Goodtime Burgers Bondi Junction (3)
They have a burger challenge here. Do you like big buns?

We gotta say, we really enjoyed the burgers here. When they arrived, thought the buns looked terrible – way too big and looked like crusty bread rolls – so imagine the surprise when handling them that they were soft and abundant. Great burgers. We liked Goodtimes’ Big Buns and we cannot lie.

Chur burger 

Bonarche Burgers
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