Good Food Wine Show returns in 2015 and we pop in for a day at Olympic Park/showground and spend an arvo checking it out. We start with Dan Murphy’s testing sessions here and then scouted out what’s here. There’s plenty to see, masterclasses to attend, food trucks, plenty of wine, cheese and treats all around the venue to check out. Here’s our recap of what caught our eye. There’s heaps of wine here with a barossa section and heaps of wine showcases. Highlight? Blind taste testing beers with Kirrily Waldhorn, the lychee cider, all the cheeses and then some. A good time. Low light? Missing out on Gary Mehigan (who got the crowd roaring in delight – you could hear it from far far off). Its a good time and you can spend a whole day in here. So much on offer.

Good Food Wine Show _ Dan Murphys (6)
Dan Murphys Discovery Zone – its not super busy today as its a Friday but all sessions on Saturday are sold out. We attend “Not Another Cheese and Wine Matching” and its a delicious wine and cheese pairing session where a range of wines from Dan Murphy’s collection was paired to some delicious cheeses. Myrtleford butter, odo, gentle goat, tom and Bruny Island cheese. Fantastic informative session that lasted about 45 minutes. $25

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Next up, we popped over to the the Dan Murphys Beer and Cider Booth and this was a free session – you don’t get to drink heaps of beers but our session was a blind taste test/flavour profile one. 4 beers, a selection of different “flavoured eats – chocolate/orange tic tacs/ovaltines/coriander/raspberry lolly/liquorice bullet/chai tea bag” and we get blind folded handed a beer and were meant to be guest dominant flavours. Jugs did aokay with 3/4 picks. Proud day!

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From Pasta to Pesto, Gourmet Meats (kangaroo mmmm), byron bay chocolates, spreadable chorizo.

Good Food Wine Show _ Dan Murphys (9)
Barossa Wine alley, pana chocolates was a reminder for us to visit their rosebery store, billtong man had these meat bars (kinda yummy, kinda lol), delicious VineyardsV8+ Prosecco at the The Wog with the Grog stall.

Good Food Wine Show _ Dan Murphys (1).
Good Food Wine Show _ Dan Murphys (7)
Lychee Cider was amazing. It’s pretty tasty and has that glorious lychee tastiness, we’re converted! The Wog with the Grog’s stall showcases amazing European drops and the limoncello was pretty delicious. Australian Brewery was also here, and they showed us a sneak peak of their new Alchemy Golden Ale (drawn by our mate Blair Sayer)

Good Food Wine Show _ Dan Murphys (3)
Oh my, small goods. Loved the Salumi Australia stall and everything here is awesome. Spreadable Chorizo was just… hnngghh.

Good Food Wine Show _ Dan Murphys (2)
Cheese Alley is one of the best sections here for us. That Yarra Valley Goat cheese range is effing nek lebel. So delicious. Get some!

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Round the one side, Korean Food Associate showcasing packet noodles, traditional dishes and then some. The soy milk was pretty delicious and who doesn’t love a bit of kim chi? Them plastic reproduction dishes looks so real. Smelly Cheese club responded to our “GIVE US YOUR SMELLIEST” with a stinky Petit LiverRot and …. we loved it. Converted! So good! Sammy’s Burger Bar is also here and there’s also 2 food trucks.

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