Jugernauts got invited by Simon Food Favourites to head out to SMEG Hq for “The cook, the stylist, the photographers… and the breakfast” photography masterclass. We went behind the scenes with Jill Dupleix, Edwina Pickles, Steven Siewert and Marco Del Grande who showcased the secrets of a food editorial shoot. Event featured Bernie Smithies Stylist at work with her craft, art and skilled eye. Brunch from Kepos Street Kitchen and Rabbit Hole organic tea. A wonderful morning full of learning.


Steven Siewert talking about shooting a dessert that melts and the importance of moving quickly; Peter Gilmore’s 5 texture chocolate cake from Quay.


Bernie Smithies starting on her breakfast trifle and the table is clustered with ingredients. (Breakfast Trifle Recipe on Goodfood)


The audience watching the Trifle come together and taking shots. That’s Terry Durack and Jill there.


They go through iterations of composition as the image is put together.


Various bits and bobs, just sliced fruits and a slide bowl of fruit on a plate, spoons.


The breakfast trifle is built in layers and Bernie Smithies uses a tweezer to direct the edible flowers to where she wants it to sit. The mirror is used to reflect light like a reflector.


Talking final shot on the tv. You can see the layers in the trifle and the dish looks delectably finished. They did throw that rose in the background around to balance the image (moved it around, took multiple shots) and you can see the bowl of fruit has slid to the back right. You can see the DOF kicking in 1/3 of the way into the image.


Top Down.

Edwina Pickles at work. The top down shot is her perched on top of a high step ladder. You can see all the “stuff” lying around to the side used to create the dish for the shoot. If you check GoodFood/Jill’s recipe page – they used Edwina’s pic for the recipe page.


The room here is lit well by daylight and this is our shot; handheld and it looks great.


Catering: Kepos Street Kitchen’s brekkie museli was delicious and there’s activated almonds in there.


Smoked salmon on a zucchini fritter. Yummy


Beef Sliders.

The Good Food Month Masterclass took place in a venue with substantial daylight which creates a very different set of work conditions compared to the Bankstown Foodphotography Masterclass. In both instances, the food stylist worked with the photographer to create the images required and what the images hopefully convey is the process and iterative nature of the work. Things slide around the table before they came to a resting point that satisfied and the process is a lot more considered than you’d expect. The Smeg showroom had ample daylight which helped to make the image look bright and lovely whcih went well with the image being put togehter; a breakfast light eating granola/trifle.

 Bernie Smithies

Bankstown Foodphotography Masterclass

Jill Dupleix’s Breakfast Trifle

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