Goni’s Schnitzelria Marrickville

Goni’s Schnitzelria prides itself as having some of the largest Schnitzels you can get in Sydney and its not just the schnitzels which are big. Serves here on the whole a generally oversized from their fries, salads to their schnitzels. The menu is also large with plenty of options – mostly topping related to go with your schnitzels. From Greek, Aussie, Mexican to Carbonara Schnitzels – there’s plenty of flavours here for the schnitz aficionado.

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Plenty of different flavours on there: And yes, you can opt for pork or lamb schnitzels.Goni Schnitzelria Marrickville (6)

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A large Parmigiana Schnitzel, oversized greek salad, fries and a bowl of gravy. Its a lot of food for two and we could not quite get through the serve. Good thing then that there are takeaway options here; well telegraphed via signs stuck onto their walls with pricing on takeaway containers – Schnitzel Sandwiches for lunch? Done.

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There’ll be leftovers.

Goni’s venue itself is an unremarkable, serviceable fluro lit underground bunker – they did try to jazz up the three alcoves giving them names like the garden and some slight decorative elements and other less bunkery names. If large serves of food, and in particular deep fried cutlets of pork/lamb are your thing, Goni’s will deliver in abundance. Service was great and the ladies who brought us our food accommodated us wrangling the plates on our table. We’ll go just for the spectacle of watching large groups order an obscene amount of food. Your jaws will drop.

Look for Goni’s down the stairs at G, 296 Marrickville Rd.

Goni’s Schnitzelria Marrickville

G, 296 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204