Located in the same building that houses Paramount Coffee, inside Paramount House is the Golden Age Bar – it adjoins a cinema called the Golden Age Cinema and as an extension of that, a lot of the cocktail are movie themed/named and there’s sweeping curtains that form the backdrop to this rather intimate small bar in surry hills.


Golden Age central table. curved end wall with the sweeping curtains all ablaze in shades of gold and yellow. There’s about 3 booths to the right.


The bar selection looks good.


Buddy and Me, Beer and chaser. It should be noted that Sydney Brewery’s Surry Hills pilsner is on tap here.


(L) Wilson *Castaway the movie (R)ip shirley temple – movie and movie stars named cocktails


Casablance and a Joan Collins


The paramount house (coffee based) and a dusk til dawn cocktail.


An Americano and Maple Pecan Old Fashion

So that’s a whole heap of cocktails that we had here. Golden Age Bar was quite nice and elegant and a suitable sophiscated venue to take people out for drinks. Service was nice and attentive when around. They don’t dish up nibbles which is the only niggle – small serves of paprika on popcorn ala the lovely hinky dinks wouldn’t be amiss. They sell barsnacks which is probably why. Intimate, small, fancy, that’s Golden Age cinema in a nutshell. And there’s movies next door. check out their website for screenings.

There’s a nice selection of $10 drinks and then standard pricing on cocktails. Well worth your time.


hinky dinks
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