The Clock’s a bit of an institution in Surryhills – packed and popular most nights with a great balcony up high with a great view across crown street and a popular inner city haunt. They’ve got a bit of a gin selection here which is quite impressive and then some. Let’s have a look at a couple of eats and a few of their drink selection – its all available on the top floor bar. There’s 12 types of gin there and if that’s your tipple of choice. Here’s one to hit.


A couple of eats: Flash fried calamari, watercress, pickled radish. Tender and morish.


Olives, chorizo, piquillo, feta.


Cheddar & jalapeno croquetas.


Barrel Aged Negroni – Glassware: Fancy double rocks. 90ml Negroni mix (30ml Plymouth gin, 30ml Campari, 30ml Sweet Vermouth)

It should be said that this was one of our favourite drinks tonight. The Negroni has been left to sit in the barrel for 4 weeks and the flavours open up and finishes with a softer note. For fans of this drink. Well worth checking out.


G&T Station – Glassware: Fancy Goblet – Tonic: Quina-Fina

A great selection out of the gin selection they have here. Most drinks on the Gin Menu are between $10-12 and that’s what you’d expect from top shelf Gin and Tonics.


(Front) Sipmith, UK grapefruit slice (Back) Hayman’s Old Tom, UK red capsicum strips.

These were very similar tasting with different notes on the nose – with the distinctive smell of capsicum being imbued into the Old Tom.


(Front) Gin Mare, Spain 2 basil leaves & olive on skewer – (Back) The Botanist, Scotland fresh plump mint sprig

All 4 gins had differing notes – while sharing the same Quina-Fina Tonic (which is $2/pop) and it was interesting going tasting the subtle differences and not so subtle differences between them. The Botanist was an easy favourite with loads of flavours from the herbs that went into the gin. Deliciously floral.


Hotel Georgia – Plymouth gin, lemon juice, almond syrup, sugar syrup, orange blossom water dash of egg whites and freshly grated nutmeg

We started the evening with this and the cocktail was really rather nice – being balanced, light and flavoursome.


With quite the selection on offer and if you’re a Gin fan like us, Clock Hotel’s Gin bar is definitely one to check out. They also do some rather good pizzas ($18) which goes well with their vino.

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