Walked by Gigi’s a hundred and 1 times and never felt the need to go in. So, after not being able to secure a table at SpencerGuthrie/Bloodwood and Hartsyard, We ended up here.

Inside it’s nice. Murals on the wall. Suprised to see that huge woodfire oven in there. Went in the dead of winter, it was freezing outside. So they sat us near the storage at the back and there was a draft? Was chilly every 2 minutes or so from a draft. It was a cold winters night.

Pizzas were all about a 6.5/10.

We had the 4 cheese, the spinach and pork and the capriosa? Not a fan of their base. Somewhat bready. Lasagne was a somewhat small portion.


Service was a bit rude. We walked in off the cold and the woman who was on the phone didnt make any effort to welcome us – somehow talking to the person on the phone means you can’t motion (wait a minute or smile?), nor did the pizza making guy – although that’s not his job. So we stood there wondering if we shouldnt just sit ourselves. But You would think that someone at front of house would try to be attentive? I’m a bit scathing because at leichart, they can’t wait to sit you and show u Italian hospitality!!

So yeah, niggles aside. We waited politely to be seated by one of their waitresses. and that was about 3 minutes at the door. It wasn’t busy.


lasagne, decent. not mindblowing

4 cheese. decent. not mindblowing

cheese/spinach/pork. decent. Not mind blowing

divola. Decent. Not.. you get the idea.

Why is this reviewing so well? Really poor service. Food wasn’t amazing. I don’t get it. Won’t be back myself. Service is king in the hospitality industry; when you’re food isn’t cheap and cheery, your staff had better be. And this could be a shock horror moment for these people, I enjoyed my last eagleboys + doughboy pizza way more.
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  1. Christine

    Hmm… Shame that it wasn’t a great experience for you.. Maybe they were having an off night?? Oh well, at least there are plenty of other awesome Newtown places to go next time :)