Gelato Messina’s got a popup in Martin Place selling what it calls its “Messina Psychadelic Psundaes” and its a surprisingly great popup that takes the delicious eats that they’re famous for; puts a twist on it and they’ve come up with 4 delicious gelato swirls – 10 buck wonders. The foodtrucks are also here but its the Messina we drop in for. Oh what a treat.


TRIFLEY TRIPPY – Vanilla gelato, red wine jellies, strawberry purée, vanilla infused peaches and strawberry soaked sponge.

Best in show. There’s fruit so its good for you? This is our favourite with a whole bunch of flavours and textures from all the bits in it – in particular the red wine jellies seems to have been soaked (or custom made?) so they’re very soft and gooey. Flawless with the peach and then some. Every bite’s a little different and we could eat this all day.


SILLY-CONE-CHIPS: Swirled salted coconut and mango sorbet topped with choc chip cookies, blue popping candy and a banana-caramel filled cone.

Liked everything about this, except the choc chip cookie which tasted too much like choc chip cookies (duh) and were too big and hard to eat with the sundae. Possibly better with smaller chunks but the rest of it is really quite good. The banana caramel inside the cone is best smashed and mixed into the psundae as it was very sweet and we’d left it to the end and was left with a cone of overly sweet banana caramel foam. This was also advertised as “you’ll win this sundae if you catch the blue butterfly at the intel store”.. but we got a vividsydney pen instead.


KALEIDESCOPE BOMBE – mango sorbet, raspberry purée, shortbread crumbs with freshly torched Italian meringue.

Their pic has the raspberry puree around the rim of the meringue but this was all soft and gooey with the meringue and sorbet inside.


PSYCHEDELIC SPIDER – creaming soda and vanilla swirled gelato with a redskin and banana lolli-pop, crushed humbug lollies and topped with fairy floss.

2nd best one. Lots of textured from the crushed lollies, the fairy floss and that rather delicious lolli-pop. It helps that this is the cutest looking one but the gelato is also very nice with a great flavour, that just worked with all the bits in it. Like the trifle, the textures make this. Very fun.


#GammaWorld at the MCA is amazing; probably the best thing you’ll see here this year.

1 week to go. We’ve been back at Martin Place a couple of times in the past week to try the Messina and as this is a time limited pop up; you’d do well to head down and check these babies out. Every single one of their gelato swirl dishes is a delicious dessert to go; but its the trifle and spider that’s won us over. Good stuff. Hit the sugar at Martin Place.
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