messina3Frequented messina darlo. Its incredible and love it to bits. Dropped by the surryhills branch. This isn’t going to be much of a review. Just go. Go now. And yeah, there’ll be a queue if its the evening.

10/10. follow them on twitter and instagram and get tempted daily with the wow.


pretty much everything is incredible. Nice jeremyville artwork on the wall.


easily the best gelato you’ll have and worth the visit. Please open one in newtown. :)

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  1. Annie @ The Random Foodie

    been in Newtown more often lately for dinner time. i’m definitely keen for a messina in Newtown since it’s been taken over by froyo joints lately and it would be interesting competition for other gelato places like Cow and the Moon and Gelatomassi.

  2. TheJugernaut

    yes Annie. I think its a shame that there’s a glut of froyo places – there’s just so many and now they just sit empty with “specials”. I also think what Gelato Messina said on their FB page echoes true:

    “we’ve only put up prices on the scoops once in about 4 years. we were ridiculously cheap and as we got busier are costs increased (mostly staff, the cake chefs, as did milk and other ingredients).. on top of that, as we got busier our change requirements were insane.. we literally couldn’t carry the 20c coins (not joking) .. so we put up prices basically.. but if you look at our prices we are still pretty much the cheapest place in sydney.. way cheaper than yoghurt places and far better quality than anyone.”.

    GelatoMessina is just too good.