From the guys that brought you Baxter’s Inn and Shady Pines comes Frankie’s Pizza or Frankie’s as its more colloquially know. Frankies, is housed at 50 hunter street (adjoining) Best Laksa in Sydney Malay Chinese. Its located in the CBD heartland of suits but its so hipstery and fun that it really is at odds with its surrounds. Street side you will see the neon sign, and a wall plastered with stickers. That’s the entry. It gets packed too so if in doubt, look for the queue. Not so much review as pictorial guide. This is a must.


Through the door and you enter what is a largely italianesque bistro. Cloves of garlic, brown/oranges/checked floors


Plastic covered table cloth sort of gives away the real “vibe” of this outfit


This could be in little italy somewhere


Vespa. The front area really does make you think of that dean martin song about “when the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie”… its just got that vibe


A look at the menu. Pizza by the slice, or whole and $10 Margaritas. (you can click it and it gets a bit bigger this pic)


There’s a door adjoining the bar that leads into the funky bit of Frankies. You’re eyes will need to adjust.. its dim and disco


Pinball corner


considering how new the venue is: grungey tapey labels for booze on the cashier. Lots of craftbeers on offer. Young Henrys. :)


bar and ordering system. Its a good system


Hey a frankie’s pizza. Great tasting pizza.


Posters, stickers, booths


disco balls and atmosphere.


$10 Margaritas and a 69 beer. Excellent Magaritas. I wish the serve was a tad more. These things are morish. They do craft beers here so be sure to check them out.

Frankie’s Pizza is a fun night out in a funky novel venue that blends both old warm charms and new bistro dive charm. There’s a lot to like here. Considering where it is, its a gem. Excellent. Yup. #jugfav



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7 Responses

  1. Sammie

    Great review – I love this place. It’s right round the corner from work, and we often swing by for some sneaky drinks after work. I love the front part the best. Never tried the pizza but after looking at these pics, I’ll be ordering some soon!

    • TheJugernaut

      yes Sammie, its a good sized pizza and the best thing about Frankie’s is the fact that you can eat and drink and generally have a great time just here.

    • TheJugernaut

      you need to fix that asap. Frankie’s is worth checking out. Its a really good.

  2. Prick With a Fork

    Jesus, that looks surreal. I almost expect to see someone about to get whacked for telling someone else to go get their shinebox! Got to check that out.