Got invited to “Tapas Heaven” by Google so we came to Foley Lane. Foley Lane can be considered one of the OG small bars especially with all the new places popping up everywhere. Its located round the back of Taylor Square in an Art Deco building and houses a Tapas/Cocktail Place. Its quite a wonderful one too. Great food and a rather excellent fitout. Inside, there is a big bar counter by which you can sit and have dine as well as 2-4x seaters. Its warmly lit and intimate with suspended lighting.


Mulled wine and a look at the dining space. Its modern and classic looking.


The Pamela – Rather delicious gin+cucumber+lime drink. They pre-bottle them and let the ingredients infuse and its a light, smooth and fragrant drink. Really good.




We sampled 3 different type of sherrys (different age) and each was served with the dish it accompanied to match the food. Very nice!



Chicken Tostada on crostini with avocado and some sort of tabasco sauce. These were delicious and rather huge too. Top 3 dish tonight.


Croqueta de Smoked Eel – Celeriac & Apple Remulade.  I didn’t love these. Too fishy for me – per the norm with anchovies. You either love them or you don’t.

Churros and Dulce de Leche.  Yummy. The dulche de Leche was a little bit more cooked than you’d expect but really nice.


Patatas – Paprika Alioli – Roasted Potato chunks with a smokey paprika mayo. Also good


Montadito de Chorizon – Goey cheese foam on chorizos. Top Marks. Top 3 dish tonight.

Empanada del dia – Mushroom and Cheese Empanadas. Best dish tonight. Its a small package but full of pleasing punchy flavours. Really really good pastry on top of that. Top 3 dish tonight.


smoked trout potato croquettes. Perfectly cooked, soft, crispy on a bed of apple slaw. Again, good.

So what’s the verdict? Oh yes. Love this place. From the wonderfully friendly and infomative staff to the amazing food, Foley Lane nails the experience. The tapas were all rather excellent and you can see from being inside that Foley Lane’s kitchen is a big one (like the old growler) so they can prepped some mighty tasty food. Its not just a place to come do drinks, its a place to grab dinner. The food really is quite good. My friend who came with me was so impressed that we still talk about Foley Lane – well, we did just the other day. One for the diary. Revisiting soon.


On their website it says this “Tapas is not a starter. If you start eating tapas, you finish eating tapas, and you don’t stop until you’re full.”. A statement I can stand behind. Good stuff.

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