Flour and Stone. We’ve seen pics on instagram but never figured out that we could actually walk up to it, eat and walk back into work. Its not far from the city and we’re glad we dropped in. Only quibble? Their signature lamington sold out the day we visited.


Its a smallish patisserie – you can get sandwiches and its packed when we get in. Even the local postie is here grabbing lunch


Xmasy cookies.


Brickfields breads are sold here.


Their pastry cabinet is alluring. donuts, cake


More treats. Apparently their lemon drizzle cake is amazing too.


Flour and Stone is the only Patisserie in the G+M guide. Not quite sure how the other great patisseries houses in sydney escaped the guide.


Chicken leek pie. Lovely flaky pastry and the filling was nice.


Chocolate cake with raspberries – with buttermilk.


Coffees, rhubarb ricotta cake. The cake was light and not overtly sweet.


Lemon tart. Quite nice and had a good lemon flavour and mid sweet (we’re still looking for the ultra tart french tarts)


Flour and Stone at 53 Riley Street Woolloomooloo.

We never previously made the connection between the woolloomooloo locale to the city. A short jaunt down past hyde park and its about 2 blocks down. That’s where F+S is and that’s pretty neat. One of those days when you needed a cake lunch – although we also had their pie. From the friendly service to the great eats, Flour and Stone is worth the visit. We’ll be back for the Panna Cotta Lamingtons – How on earth do they sell out at 12.30pm?

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