Fishbowl Poke Bondi Beach

Housed inside the just finished Pacifica Shopping Complex along Bondi Beach is Fishbowl Poke. It’s pretty much what you’d think it is but its size is somewhat endearing, think hole in the wall but with nifty design touches to help it along. Fishbowl Poke looks smart, with some clever neon signage and well priced delicious eats.

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Fishbowl Poke Bondi Beach (6)

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It’s not the biggest shop, the queue goes out the door very quickly. There’s seating along the perimeter on the inside and there’s a communal table for about 10-12 outside. On the day we visited, some child had snapped the neon sign of the cactus, but the other function with a flickering OK in the word Poke. It’s simple and keeps the space minimal and contemporary. But when you’re in Bondi, we think take it to the grassy embankment and watch the waves.

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The Poke assembly counter. Various ingredients you can opt for (we went with build our own options) – Pick a base, pick a fish, pick your ingredients and a sauce. Done.

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Brown rice, cucumber, carrot, sesame, tahini sauce, salmon, green onions $15.90

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Seaweed, Salmon, Cucumber, green onions, radish, brown rice, wasabi mayo dressing. $15.90

Here at Fishbowl, there’s preconfigured Poke options and then there’s the build your own options. Price guide is $12.90 for the small and $15.90 for the large bowls. Building your own was easy, just picked from the range on their menu board and your Poke dish will be assembled to order which is a nice touch. We were concerned about the serving size once we had the dish in our hands but getting into the food, it was substantial and delicious. Really enjoyed Fishbowl. If you’re hankering for sushi but not sushi, this LA styled Poke joint is worth checking out.

Fishbowl Poke

The Pacific Bondi,

180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach.