Fei Jai Next Door - Potts Point (3)Fei Jai Next Door - Potts Point (5)

Peter Lew and Nicole Galloway from Barrio Chino/Cellar have been busy. This past May, they are kicking off a NYC/SF styled menu at Darlinghurst’s Darlo Country Club, revamped Barrio Chino which had closed to be rejigged as Barrio (Burgers). And then there’s Fei Jai Next door – their new venue located literally next door to their Cantonese Restaurant Fei Jai on Challis Avenue. Fei Jai Next door? Its their new Dumpling and Cocktail bar.

From the street side, you will see that FJND has a different vibe from their OG venue. Next door is sleeker with the same trendy touch exhibited at the Barrio Cellar. With a bit of evocative neon, a sleek metal panelised bar, Fei Jai Next Door is all smartly appealing with that potts point vibe. The new spot is also the only dedicated cocktail bar on the stretch which gives Fei Jai Next Door a distinctive advantage.

Eats @ Fei Jai Next Door

Fei Jai Next Door - Potts Point (11)

Spanner Crab Congee Tea Cup $5

A smallish teacup sized taster (we’d happily pay more for a large serve) which sort of functioned as an amuse-bouche whetting our appetite for the dinner.

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Tuna Tartare Spring Rolls – $14

A delicate and interesting spring roll cigar filled with tuna tartare, very tasty with a nice savouriness that matched well with the cocktails.

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Cumin Spiced Wings 6 for $15

Chicken wings with a crunchy batter – light and delicated and rather tasty.

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.Fei Jai Next Door - Potts Point (7)

Fei Jai’s XLB and prawn dumplings. 3 for $10 – there’s options to pimp your dumplings with caviar at FJND at $5.


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Cherry Blossom cocktail with Bulldog gin, lemon, muddled blueberries, cherry bitters and vanilla soda.

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Gooseberry Mule – Vodka, Ginger, five spice agave and lemon

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Smokey Bobby Wang – named after a chino traveller from the US. Apricot infused gin, chai vermouth and campari.

With light and easy eats at Fei Jai Next Door, the cocktails on their menu is a curated list of 8 – with asian influences in the infusions and flavours. Fruit notes abound and they’re tasty easy drinks.

Fei Jai Next Door
2/31 Challis Avenue
Potts Point
8668 4424