Ester  – “an organic compound”  is an interesting restaurant. Located in the rapidly gentrifying slum area of chippendale (thanks Frasers and Central Park), Ester is the rare restaurant in there and it’s a winner. The food is great, the service is great and the price guide is right. Like Cafe Paci, this is one to hit. Refined dining, family style – they’ll take you places with their woodfired procession.


parabolic curves. round light fittings


a look at the kitchen and the bar. walls have a creamy offwhite and distressed mottling/surface.


Ramp up to the main space is located behind the seats there.


Menu. Ala Carte or Banquet style (per the bottom) – $65 or $89 – which should result in an almost degust styled dining experience as the food and menu had that feel to them


Bread $3 pp. There was possibly a bit much and they could have served this sooner with room temperature butter – our butter was right out of the fridge and quite hard to spread.


Pate. A great eating pate and the accompaniments there made this a really enjoyable starter. There was a tangerine marmalade? Nice big portion too with just the right amount of bread too.


Asparagus, Nastarium (flowers) with a lightly poached egg concealed in there. Nice and nutty.


Blue swimmer crab. Too hard to eat and personally got aggravated but otherwise quite enjoyable.


Their woodfired cauliflower, with mint, sour cream and almonds is fantastic with great char and flavours.


The Ester famed blood sausage on home made mayo on steamed white bread. Dang good.

Woodfried chicken dish was succulent, tasty and I’m salivating looking at this. Sauce was flavoursome and the whole thing was delicious.


broccolini, fermented chilli and garlic. Nice side dish. We ended up eating a lot of vegetables this dinner. Asian styled side dish.


Semifroddo (salted caramel with black sesame dust). YUM.


watermelon, strawberry and ginger beer granita and lemon curd below. Thought the watermelons were on the side of being underripe (where it tasted somewhat like a cucumber) but the rest of the dish was nice.

Three Milks. Yeah. Order this. I’ve mentioned that I can’t believe this is only $11 – Sublime. You have to order this. There’s olive oil and rosemary on that plate.

Dinner at Ester was excellent. The woodfired nature of the mains, meant that the food had that char and smokey caramelised taste which added a lot to the dishes. So much goodness here and we only had part of the menu. The other neat thing about ester is that dishes are served family styled and you share them so with friends you can expect to be able to eat a bit of the dishes.Exciting dining located in the slumburb side of Chippendale. We had drinks at Fredas before our seating and that was a short stroll away. Like Cafe Paci, these duo are great eats and you need to head in.



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